Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Penning my own biography was something i had always wanted to do. I had almost succeeded once, if not for the fact that my hard disk crashed on me and all my composition lost with it. Now, 3 years later, i decided it is time to pick up my pen and start on my journal again. but where should i begin? where should i start? Well..... perhaps i should just start at the beginning...............

I was born in the eighties. It was a time where the weather was actually bearable and things, affordable. Waking up to awareness, i soon discovered that i was the only child, and that i lived on the eastern side of sunny Singapore. Life was easy then. There were no Bey-Blades nor Counter-Strike or the Internet. Just good plain See-Saws, Zero-Points and the occasional indulgence of a movie or two. My Dad was an officer in the army and my mom was a chatty woman who often had friends over showing off their Tupper wares. I could never figure out what's so special about a few plastic containers. Looking back, i believe that was the only period that my family was to enjoy the treasures of a perfect family. I could still remember the mornings where my mom would be doing her marketing for the day. I would be sitting comfortably in my pram which even had a cover at the top to shield me from the sunlight. Everytime we were at the fruits stall, i would take any fruits i could lay my hands on and put them under my pram, where there was a tray like sort of contraption. Imagine my mom's shock when we got home and she discovered the "extras" that her dear son has taken. She never bothered to return the items though.... i wonder why.

When i was 7, and ready to start primary school, My family moved to the north. We had a big space and our living hall was practically plastered with mirrors. It was still a HDB flat but we had upgraded from a 3room to a 4room unit. It even had a substantial balcony to boot. It was around this time that my baby sister was born. Dun get me wrong, i love my sister. What i could not stand was the attention she was given. It's always "your little sister" here, "little precious" there..... i was so agitated. Dosen't anyone love me anymore? I was still around for Pete's sake! There was one time i demanded for attention so much i swear, i could almost spontaneously combust right infront of my parents. Eventually, i came to realise that my baby sister needed the attention becasue she was still so small and weak, she couldn't possibly take care of herself. I, on the other hand, was the big brother. I should be able to take care of myself. Personally, i would have liked to have a baby brother instead. I mean, what in tarnation can i do with a little sister? She dosen't even have what I have! we have totally nothing in common........ *to be continued.

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