Sunday, August 22, 2004

22 AUG 04 Sunday


Today is Hobbies Day at CSC (Civil Service Club). Reported for duty at 0830Hrs. Helped the crew set up our booths in preperation for the crowd coming in for the day. It started off quietly enough, Captains Garak, EMH, Superstar and myself setting up the place. We had a whole function room to ourselves this year. How cool is that. Captain Lanman came soon after with breakfast for us. After awhile, John Wu, Jayang and ChongShuo turned up. Noisy bunch of kids, they all. Jayang forever going about saying "strip him of his rank!!" Felt like breaking his neck at that time. But of course.. I never had the heart to do it. Anyhow, they started playing their CCG games which i know completely NOTHING about. Abit later in the morning Admiral Wei came, sweating from head to toe. We had a bit of catching up and watched TNG over the projection TV.

Lunch time came and we decided to go grab some lunch. Would you know it, the 3 kids decided to follow us too. Now, CSC is not really a food friendly place. We had to walk all the way out of the place, cross 3 traffic lights before we actually came to a place where we can order some lunch. It didn't help that the 3 Kids were yakking away at us from behind NON-STOP. OOOh.... what i won't give for a real Phaser just about then..... Thankfully, they decided to turn back to CSC halfway thru. Me and Wei decided to stop at one decent enough coffeeshop and settle our lunch there. We were chatting abit when suddely Wei just shot me the "eyebrow look". Curious, i turned around and LO and BEHOLD. What do i see? a 5 year old boy PEEING into a small plastic bag. Just like that. Just pee as if nothing is happeneing. That was when our lunch came. YUCK. We both had Char Kway Teow. Bloody two and a half strips of Latinium (L2.50)!!!! for a small plate! damn....... anyhow we had our meal... and i procceded to get lunch for the rest of the crew. One packet of rice plus some roast pork meat costs 3 strips of latinium!!!!! i had to pay 12 strips for 4 packets of Roast Pork rice!!!! dang......

Anyhow the rest of the day procceded as usual. Our malaysian counterparts came over and said hi... the CCG card players had their fun.... and at the end of it all, all crew members had a little token of appreciation from the organiser of the function. A lucky draw was conducted and guess who was the winner?

ME!!! simple old ME!!!! I won 4 ST action figures. Pretty cool for a days work. Dun you think? anyway my club's addy is if anyone is interested to look it up.

Time for me to log off. Need to meditate.

Cpt James
(Feeling Tired)

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