Friday, September 10, 2004

10 SEP 04 Fri 0000Hrs


Firstly, i would like to apologise for my lack of updating my blog. I would have wanted to update my blog everyday if not for the fact that i am getting more and more busy with my business. A typical day would mean leaving for work at 7am, and returning from work only at 11 or 12am. At the end of the day, i get too tired to do anything more then checking my e-mails and training my neopet. Of course, it didn't help that when i tried to update my blog yesterday, it didn't get posted at all!

Anyway this week has been rather monotonous. It's just work work work all the way. But of course, there are a few things that are rather unique.

I re-took my Final Theory Driving test on Tuesday. Quite confident i will pass it this time round lar. If i do pass it, then i am one step closer to my Qualified Driver's license. If, by some twisted fate of my life, i DON'T pass it....well.... what to do? re-take again lor. A driver's license is getting more and more important nowadays. It's almost a MUST for a guy who has reached the age requirement to go get one as soon as he can. It does wonders for the adult life. Take it from me my friends. This license is an asset to you. Take it as soon as you can. Wish me luck yeah?

After my test, i went over to Jayang's BBQ at Yio Chu Kang area. As luck would have it, the cab driver didn't know where the place is. The worse part is, he never bothered to at least inform me that he was unsure of the destination when i first got on his cab. I mean, it's common sense isn't it? If you are not sure of the place your passenger wants to go? at least inform him/her. If your passenger can lead the way, then carry on. If not... then don't waste each other's time. Ultimately, it's the passengers who have to pay the extra few cents just because of your own incompetence. Anyhow.. I finally got to Jayang's place. It was already about 2030hrs when i reached there, so not much activity left less the badminton game jayang was playing with his friends who stayed on abit later. John Wu was there. And ChongShuo too. The rest of Jayang's friends are sooooo anti social, Except for this Samuel boy i think, who actually took the initiative to speak to me. John Wu, as usual, just can't stop irritating me. And Jayang, well.... let's just say he didn't look as if he knew who i was anyway. All the while just talking and playing with his own friends. Didn't even bothered to ask if i wanted anything to eat or drink. Of course it didn't help that i was like the ONLY adult he invited there. Luckily, ChongShuo was a kind enough friend and asked if i wanted to eat anything. He promptly produced 3 prawns and 2 chicken wings for my consumption. WOW. What a feast.....

I had brought my old Webcam with me to give to Jayang as i have just bought a new webcam and he voiced out that he wanted one. That boy... not even a WHISPER of "thank you" from him.


before i know it, it was already 11pm. I said my good byes to Jayang.... and would you know it... he never even breathed a good bye back..... Oh well... Kids........

Reached home at 1215am..... got too tired. Went to Meditate.


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