Tuesday, October 12, 2004

12th OCT 04 Tuesday 1050PM

The GEM amongst the sands

Yes Yes, i know i have not been updating my blog much. So here i am updating it now. Quite a number of things have transpired these few weeks.

Firstly, my company lost 3 contracts worth over 3 million dollars. The reason? We are a new and small company and thus, may not be able to handle the projects. I also did not have enough funds to set the projects in motion. Then we ran into problems with our few clients about transport and vehicular problems. It seemed ENDLESS, my problems.

Not to be outdone, my medical report was out and my High Blood Pressure is still not back to the safety levels. Meaning, i have to continue my medication for at least another 8 to 9 months or so. As if THAT wasn't enough, i was diagnosed with ANOTHER new condition. Narcolepsy. This is a sleep and stress disorder condition. Because of that, my ability to counsel people and to operate a Vehicle is on the line. Even if i were to get out of my HBP medication, i will need to get the medication to treat my new condition.


It was very difficult for me. VERY.

But somehow, even with all these problems that were loaded on me. I was very greatly moved and touched by just one very simple gesture.

A simple Phone call.

I was really feeling down and out and i reflected that on my MSN nick. Of course, i never thought anyone would actually give two hoots to what i am going through. But one person did. Julius didn't know me very long. Less then a year. But we clicked on well and he became my God-Brother in a short time. Now that's all well and good. We all know how people, especially young kids think of these brotherhood relationships anyway. It's all a game and just something fun to them. They won't actually be there for you or treat you like a real brother at heart.

He proved me wrong.

He got to know about my problems through MSN and i thought "Ok, so now he knows. That's that". However, he called me up one night, when he was still in his examinations, no less and enquired how i was doing. Now this may not be much to anyone. It meant the world to me. Here i have a young kid, a Decade my junior, thinking of my problems, and actually taking the little effort to call and enquire how i was IN THE Middle of his examinations. I was greatly moved. Just a little thought and that little gesture. It made ALL my problems go away.

I felt tons better through the phone call alone. Julius could not do much to help me in my problems. Yet, he did the only thing he could as a friend, a brother.

He was there for me.

I dun deserve his concern, thoughts or care. I mean, we rarely even see each other. Yet, he gave what he could to help, even if it was only a phone call.

That was all i needed.

I felt better instantly and worked even harder to rectify my situation. To look for a solution to solve my problems.

I managed to get hold of some potential customers who are willing to give my company a chance... there are still many details to disscuss, But i am confident that it will all turn out well in the end. Why?

Because i have a priceless gem amongst the sands of problems.

And i can meditate with so much more happiness


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