Saturday, December 11, 2004

11th DEC 2004 SATURDAY 11:07PM


In this post, i would like to relay a story. A story about faith and Hope. A story about the mysteries of life and how sometimes, Good things can and DO happen when you least expected it. And so the story goes..... (Names in the below story are fictatious. Any resemblence to actual persons Living or Dead or events May or May Not be intentional).

'Adam was all alone. He has lost his family. His mother was materialistic and thinks wealth and status are the most important things in the world. So much so that even her own flesh and blood are expendable. Adam's father, on the other hand, was a bankqrupt. Having been cheated by his business partners, he could not afford to take care of the family. Adam was left to fend for himself. All alone and jobless, he was lost, confused and lonely. With bills to pay and his Law degree course coming in a few months time. There dosen't seem to be any way out for Adam.

But Adam Held on. He lived day by day slowly. He was careful with his spending and with some help from his handful of friends, he was able to make ends meet. It was not a solution to his problem in the long term, he was sure. But... he had to take things alittle at a time.

Then came the "Coffee Aunty". She was a plump, jovial elderly lady who chatted up with Adam at his neighbourhood coffeeshop and they hit it off well. Then the Aunty found out Adam needed a job urgently. Now, Adam didn't give it much thought when the aunty casually asked for his handphone number. "why not?", Adam thought. "i've already tried everything else."

Adam never thought how wrong he was. The very next day, the coffee aunty rang up Adam and told him she got him a job. And this job was better paying then what the aunty previously promised Adam. Adam's life was suddenly filled with hope again. Not only did the coffee aunty make sure Adam got the job, she even declared Adam to be her godson. Adam was greatful. When a total stranger can do something so big, even if it's a small favour, for him. When even his OWN mother couldn't. The lady boss was equally kind and understanding. Adam was hopeful again. And he finally could see hope in his future.'

This story has a few lessons.

1) Always be kind to people. Even if he/she is just an elderly coffee lady/man in a coffeeshop. You NEVER know when your actions reap its rewards.

2) Hold on. Even if things look extremly away and hopeless, Hold on. Hold your head up high and face those "challenges" bravely. And somehow, you WILL get thru it.

I should know.

Adam was ME.


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