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I am writing a novel with a magical theme. Hope to complete at least 3 stories before i decide if i should continue. Now that i have a full time job (FINALLY), This would be my my "hobby" during my free time. I had to give up my degree course unfortunately due to insufficient funding for the course. My Novel will NOT be posted here, however as i want this site to remain my personal blog site for my friends. However, i WILL publish the prologue of my story here for your reading pleasure. I am just experimenting with this idea so do forgive me if my english is below standards. So here goes.....



"5! 4! 3! 2! 1!!!" "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!". The screams came loud and sounding from the grounds of the Esplanade. As the hundreds of people welcomed the year 2005, fireworks rocketed to the sky and burst into colorful collages of patterns. On cue, the partying music was played and everyone swayed to the mood of the occasion. As the party continued, elsewhere another fire was burning. Fireballs, to be exact. A young man ducked as a fiery projectile narrowly missed his head and slammed onto a tree in front of him, Disintegrating it instantly. Running as fast as his legs could carry him, he tired to get as much cover as he could from the numerous trees that covered the forrest he had sought refuge in briefly. However, his assailant was an experienced tracer and had tracked him down faster then he thought he would. Now, he had no choice but to depend on his speed and the trees to provide him protection. As he douged another fireball, he was able to position himself such that he was able to get a good look at his attacker for the first time since he was on the run. Almost twice his height, the attacker wore black robes over it's grey body. It's had a bald head and two horns protruding from where the forehead is and had burning red eyes. It's sharp fangs glistening under the moonlight. The young man saw the mark on his attacker's chest and realized he was in deep trouble. "Shadow Demon..." He thought to himself. As if realizing that his prey recognized him, The shadow demon gave a sinister smile and opened his palms. Two red hot fireballs formed instantly and hovered just centimeters from his hands.

"Give it up, Atlantian. You can NEVER expect to evade me! You are now my prize!!" The shadow demon screamed as he hurled his twin fireballs at it's target.

As the fireballs raced towards their target, The Atlantian leaped upwards, evading those vicious balls. Catching hold of one of the tree branches, the Atlantian used the it as a pivot and launched himself as far away as he could from the shadow demon. On landing, he quickly sped off again. An Atlantian's speed is fast, However, a shadow demon is just as fast. The young man knew he doesn't have a chance against the demon if he carries on the way he is. He had to think of something, and fast. The demon was still hot on his tail, and is almost catching up.

Then the Atlantian suddenly remembered something he saw recently. "It just MIGHT work", he thought to himself. He quickly made a sharp turn, zagging past a tree. The demon was still hot behind him. The young man finally saw what he was looking for. In front of him was a reservoir. And with it, the Atlantian's weapon and source of power.


But the shadow demon is no fool too. He realized the young man's plan and quickly held out his fingers. Streams of red flame streaked from those fingers and raced towards the Atlantian.

Too late. The Atlantian jumped towards the reservoir and in while in mid air, his body rippled and liquidfied. The ribbons of flame went right through the young man . The Shadow demon could only look on helplessly as the now jelly like Atlantian dropped into the water and disappeared.

"NO!!!!" The demon fired more fireballs into the reservoir fruitlessly. The fireballs hit the cool waters and got extinguished, forming clouds of steam to raise. But there was something else about the water movement that didn't look right. Two pillars of water were in the air too long to be a splash effect of it's projectiles. The demon realized too late as those pillars suddenly arched forward and staked it right through it's chest. The demon let out a horrible scream as it exploded into thin air as it's magical seal was destroyed.

The pillars of water then formed into a jelly like human shape and solidified. The Atlantian had managed to destroy his hunter. He is out of danger for the moment. But time is also running out for him. Ever since his own home under the seas was rocketed by a terrible war and those very effects had caused a great wave that killed mortals on land, his homeworld had been punished by the gods and now the young prince of the Atlantians had to find the one magical being that can save his people. To make matters worse, he only had 48 hours left before his homeworld is lost forever.

He HAD to complete his mission.

He HAD to find the Moderator.............

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NICE! Nice story!
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