Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday 25th June 05 1208am


Went to work as usual on Friday at Bishan. Before that, went to the tailor to have my "Gold Tip" (Just a cheapskate yellow ribbon) sewn into my Aikido belt. Today's canvassing place is different. We went to Sengkang today. No luck even after canvassing for 2 blocks. A few things i want to say. I found out today that i am a racist. I know. I hate to admit it... Maybe i'am not, but, i dun see myself reacting to Chinese people the way i react to the people today. Let me explain.

My team has a number of members, mostly Indians. My team leaders are 3 Indians. I find that i cannot stand their actions, that i just dun like their attitude towards people. How so? These few points.

1) They converse in Tamil, yet when the few of us chinese speak our own language, they want us to switch to "Channel 5". What the hell is up with that?

2) They demand respect from us sales people, but when you ask for clarity of certian "rules and regulations" that they have imposed, they turned defensive and refuse to answer, just a word of "Just follow what the leaders say"

3) You cannot count on them to give you any help. They keep insisting that they are there to help us, but when you really go and ask for assitance, like some help in gaining entry from potential customers, they refuse, Even as far as telling you to go first and that they will "Be there shortly". Of course, they never turned up.

4) They are NEVER shy of asking things like cigarettes from the other smokers and NEVER EVER buys any of their own. And not just once, but MANY times in a day. Even so much so as to actually HELP themselves to the person's pockets to get what they want WITHOUT ASKING. This kind of people.... can respect or not?

5) Spout Vulgarities like it's a part of their language. People who knows me KNOWS that i totally HATE and DISPISE people who speak this kind of words. My younger friends who spout this kind of words in front of me will get verbally wacked by me. Confirmed. I dun give face one. Dun believe.. ask them.

6) Only know how to Glorify themselves as leaders. Like... Hello..... Leader? more like LEAKER.

Anyway i decided that enough is enough. This job can go to hell for all i care. Forcing people to buy things JUST for the sakes of their own pockets. Now i know why so many Indians are in the company. Because they are just Money minded heartless idoits. There, i said it. Sounds Racist to you yet?

I'am making preperations for my full time Tutoring, like creating a website, and maybe printing some Name Cards, Then maybe in the meanwhile, Get a job at Macdonalds or 7-11 or even Golden Village to get some money to get by first. Will see how.

Current plan, Concentrate on getting my students, If anyone knows anyone else that might need Tuition for English, Lit or Geog, please let me know. i take Primary till Sec 4 Students. Do up a decent Name Card, Get a desk job somewhere... Called up my dad for this. He has agreed to help me look for some admin job 9 to 5, Giving me some allowance to do my tutoring. I still got my acting on and off..... See how things goes.

Came back today about 7Pm, Slack abit, Scolded Lester on MSN.. LOL. Played alittle Gunzonline, watched Shaman King, updated blog, Slept


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