Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday 23rd June 05 1252am


Wednesday went to work as usual. After breakfast at Bishan, proceeded to Hougang for canvassing. Went to Hougang Ave 8. And guess what. I saw KangRui there. I never went to say hi, I guess something just stopped me from calling out to him. Sometimes, i guess people are just fated to meet, but never get to be close friends. This is like twice in this month alone that i have met KangRui. Anyhow, went for my door to door knocking as usual. The afternoon yeilded nil results. After dinner, went for second round of canvassing. I managed to get one demo by 8:30pm. Then the bloody branch exceutive had to go "convince" a potiential buyer to buy our product. All in all, only got to go home at around 10:45pm. SHEESH.

I called up my tuition co-ordinator in the afternoon. I'am thinking of quitting this sales job and go into Tuition full time. Reason is very simple. The tactics used by the seniors are heartless. They only think about their own pockets, never thinking of the buyers. During our break, i heard a few of my co-workers relating stories about how they actually sued customers for defaulting on payments. And of course, their attitudes towards them changes. They failed to realised that they have FORCED the customers to buy the product in the first place. This sort of "force selling" is something that i cannot bring myself to do onto another fellow human being.

So my advice to all my friends reading this. Never EVER put yourself into a position whereby you are FORCED to buy ANYTHING from door to door salesmen. I am actively looking for another job to do. Something more stable. In the meantime, i will try to get into tuition full time and see how it goes.

I already have 3 students currently. At an average rate of SGD$150 per head, once a week for 2 hours, that works out to about SGD$450 per month currently for me. Say i go into this full time, I average out to 3 students a day for a 5 days work week, with 2 hours each student, coming to just 6 hours of work a day, and assuming SGD$150 per head, that works out to 3 students times 5 days, 15 students times SGD$150, for a grand total of SGD$2,250 per month. This is quite a decent amount for a person like me. Yes? Taking into account that i only work 6 hours a day for 5 days, with my weekends free. Of course, this is the best case senerio. Not keeping my hopes up. Will have to see how fate dictates.

Got back home at around 11pm. Washed my Aikido Gi for Thursday's training, watched shaman king, had my shower, updated blog, then went to bed.

By the way, the results of my 5th Kyu grading last Sunday will be out on Thursday, which is tomorrow. Will i pass? Will i fail? Better yet, will i by some stroke of luck, get a double promotion to the grade of 4th Kyu (Brown Belt)?

Stay Tuned to find out.


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