Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday 22nd July 05 1240am


The week has passed by relatively well for me. However, things also have a way to creep up on you and bite you in the arse when you feel your life has finally turned for the better. I managed to get a temp job as i have mentioned in my previous post. With the pay from my temp job, and my tuition, i am confident i can at least be self suffcient from 2 months from now. I just started my temp job, and my students are only abit after their first month with me, so finance wise, will have to wait for it to stable out.

But here is the catch. I recieved a legal letter on behalf of a bank. They demand full payment of my credit card facilites. I told the lawyer that i can't pay up NOW. I have to wait for at least a month before i can make payment. And IF they so choose to push the matter, i'll just declare myself a bankrupt. I don't have any assets ANYWAY. So i dun lose out alot.

Then we have the newspapers ALWAYS going ON and ON about the NKF issue, and the Huang Na murder.

Granted, the NKF issue when first highlighted, i was quiet worked up over it. A so called "Not-For-Profit" organization can afford to pay it's CEO SGD$600,000 a year in salary??? how is this NOT FOR PROFIT? do they treat us Singaporeans like Idoits? There are other charitable organizations that are still STRUGGLING to stay AFLOAT. And there we have another organization paying more then HALF a Million to it's CEO??

That's just plain DISGUSTING.


But then again, the poor guy has lost his face and intergrity in the eyes of the people. He even lost his job and has to face a yet to be announced fine towards the blotched court case. In his wake, even the people that supported him sitting on the board has resigned.

They have done the only thing left to save whatever is left of their face and dignity. They have LEFT.

Let's ALSO move on people. Until such time when we get more "skeletons" out from NKF, as i very much believe to be the case in the up coming days, lets just give this case a rest and move on.

Then there is Huang Na's murder. The accused can actually LAUGH and Giggle when the poor little 8 year old is so inhumanly murdered and treated even AFTER her death?

We humans are the worst type of Demon after all. No need for hell or to be scared of ghosts or the supernatural. I reckon even the ghosts themselves are more afraid of us humans.

God Save us ALL.


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