Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday 2nd Aug 05 9pm


This is it. This is where my story ends. I recieved a call from my "mother" recently about my Debts to the various creditors. She offered to pay off my debts and even sponser me for my Law Degree course. This is a complete turn from what has happened between us. We aren't even on speaking terms prior to the call. Naturally, i was skeptical about it. Why the sudden change of attitude?

Then i finally found out the real reason behind all this "blessings". The old man that my mother is with has changed all the properties and assets to her. She was an overnight Millionair. The catch is this.

I am not allowed to rejoin the family because i cannot see eye to eye with the old man. From her own words and i quote: "I pay for your course fee and clear your debts. My Obligation to you is over. You go live on your own and find a way to survive."

It's really funny how money can totally change someone. She is now rich. And because of that, in order for her to feel good about herself, she offers to clear my debts and pay for my course fee so that she has "Done her duty" as a mother.

I told her she can keep the money of hers.

Until NOW she still does not understand what i really want. It's not Money. It's Love. Care and Concern. But that is secondary now.

We have both put things across very clearly in the car (Which she just changed). She understands that my mother has died as i know it. And when she is gone, she will have no son to see her off at her funeral. She has finally become rich. I am happy for her. I really am. But the price to pay is that she now has only half of a family left. But i am sure she is happy. She has all that she needs and wants now.

As for the debts, it's back to square one. And no course too. My internet will be cut off shortly. So will my handphone number. As my "mother" has not one but 2 landed properties in her name now, the pasir ris flat will also soon be taken away by HDB as she is not residing in the said flat. Meaning, i will soon be left with no where else to stay ANYWAY.

So that's it guys. It's been a great time while it lasted. Especially to Julius. Who, inspite of everything i am, still bothered to call me and talk to me. just to find out how i am and make this small little effort. I makes all that i have suffered worth it. I DO love you Julius. Please, if nothing else, believe that. Just my luck that we can never be together. Maybe next life perhaps. A soulmate is so hard to find. Sometimes, it's right there.... but you just cant seem to touch it... and hold it. I am in such an inpass. I can never hold you and touch you in my hands. But in my heart, I will always remember and cherish you.

So this marks the end of EarlGrey. The end of a short and uninteresting life of me. The creature, The monster, The evil one.


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