Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday 17th Aug 05 1010am


Ok. I suppose I am re-writing my blog as of now. No choice actually. Julius practically flooded me on MSN and forced me to update my blog. Never knew he cared. Seriously though, he does lar. Just that sometimes he doesn’t know how to put it to words. Anyway, thus far, these are the changes that has happened to me since my last update.

I have begun the process of making up with my mother. A few weeks ago, I had received 2 legal letters demanding payment before court proceedings are brought against me. As there is a possibility that they would pass a writ of seizure at my Pasir Ris flat, I called my sister to relay the message to my mother to clear the stuff from the flat, least she gets crazy again over the court stickers around the household possessions. It was then that my mother called me up and not only asked about my problem, but offered to clear all my immediate debts and pay for my Law studies. I was completely caught off guard at that piece of news and thus, got pretty confused as to what to do. Needless to say, my mood was not really in the right state for the next week or so. Unfortunately, Julius became one of the unlucky recipient of my mood swings. I had a talk with my mother one day and was informed that the old man she is with had just got a CASH payout from one of his warehouses for FOURTY-THREE MILLION dollars. She had also formally registered herself with the old man at the registry of marriages. Essentially, my mom is now a multi-millionaire as the old man has transferred the $43M to her name. This is how my mother is able to pay off my debts and pay for my studies as if it was nothing to her. She also wants me to go back and stay with her at the new 4 storey house at Yio Chu Kang. She even asked me to go and take a look at the new house and see how the house looks like currently. I must say, the house really looks grand and big. Julius came by to take a look too. And he agreed that it was….. grand. What with the attached lift, pool and roof garden. All these sounds good and dandy right? It gets better. I met my mom today and not only did she pay off my debt at the lawyers’, she even bought me a new Compaq laptop and a new pair of specs, complete with 4 months worth of contact lenses. And she just paid up for the items without a blink of an eye. Yes. I guess $43,000,000 can do this to a person, can’t it? But, as with all good things, there is always a price.

To enjoy all the “perks” that I already have, (the laptop, my Law course etc) and to continue to be supported in my Law course, which lasts 3 years, I will have to apologise to the old man, which means, going down on my knees, say sorry and offer him tea, and respect him like my own father, and listen to his every word. In effect, become something like his dog.

But I now have my course to think of. 3 years. I am taking this full time. And I can’t manage this task on my own as I won’t be able to hold a job that will allow me to do my studies and earn a decent salary a month to pay my bills.

I NEED their help.

But the price for that help? My dignity and self worth.

Worth it?


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