Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday 7th OCT 05 1230am


On Wednesday i retook my driving practical lessons again after many months of stopping. As expected, i was fumbling and was struggling to even keep my clutch in proper operation. So my instructor told me to just drive around the circuit just to get the hang of driving first. So my first lesson was just driving round and round the circuit. Of course, as i did more and more turns, the gradually got easier and easier for me. And the Moral of the story? If you learn to drive, Don't stop for too long. I have 6 more lessons booked just for this month alone. So i dun think i will have much of a problem in catching up.

Thursday was a busy day. My mother is going on a long holiday for two weeks to god knows where and passed me a digital camcorder for me to help her to save the footage of their last trip for her so she can use to cam again. I think she purposely want me to see all the fun she had overseas. Sheesh. Women can be so sly and evil sometimes. Is it any wonder that i prefer guys to women? Anyway, It was really alot and i had to attend lecture in the afternoon, so i saved the whole file into my laptop and went to school as usual. After school, it's Aikido training time.

Today is also the first day i start Aikido in my Dojo as an Assistant Leader (AstLdr). As expected, when i was announced to be the Dojo's AstLdr, the other members suddenly found themselves seriously ill with a bad case of cough. Well, i know of course that they were just teasing. But it's still quite negative to hear this kind of reaction, premeditated or otherwise. Oh Well. I am the AstLdr and they are not. So, not my loss right? I was tasked to the children's section to train them. But oh my..... the children.... they are MONSTERS!!! DEVILS!!!!! CREATURES!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! THEY WERE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They won't sit still, they REFUSE to pay attention to techniques taught and basically just did as they wished on the mat. And worse? There were parents sitting around looking at us teaching...... The pressure..... it's as if you are on a walkway stark naked and having peering eyes staring at you, just waiting for you to make a mistake. Sheesh.... the stress level just went all the way up in that one second. Now i know why my Shodan Senior Hamidah was so scared when she was asked by my instructor to help out to teach the childrens' class. If it were me, i would have ran away too. My Senior AstLdr Chua, who is one grade higher then me at Brown-Gold level, just patted me on my shoulder and told me matter of factly "Welcome to the Leaders world my friend".

What have i gotten myself into?



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