Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday 17th OCT 05 1100pm


Today i went down to Bishan J8 to meet up with WeiHao as he had the Dreamweaver software to lend me. After we met, we proceeded to the foodcourt at the top level for lunch. He ordered Char Kway Taow and me, deer meat with rice. After lunch WeiHao went to the music shop to get his Guitar strings and then we decided to watch a movie. Unfortunately the timings are not compatable with my schedule as i have a driving lesson at 7pm, And the earliest show was 420pm. We then decided to go down to coffeebean for some coffee. After awhile, i decided to go back to my Serangoon home and since Weihao so happen to live just Mins away from my serangoon home, we took the train together to Kovan MRT. We made a detour to the Kovan Mall, i think the name is Heartland Mall. We went to the 3rd story where there is this magic shop and wow.... that's where we were hooked.

We both took up a membership and learnt some very nice tricks!!!! After that, Weihao went home and i went for my driving lesson.

Lesson was bad today. I think i was too tired lar. My clutch control and steering was not good tonite. Haiz. wonder what went wrong. Just not in the mind today. Anyway, Went back home, and tomolo will be another day for me.


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