Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday 8th OCT 05 1111pm


Friday was a very very busy day for me. In the morning had to get to MediaCorp for Fliming. It's a recurring role as a reporter for the show "Ai De Zhang Meng Ren". It was rather silly really. Given the fact that they actually did the fliming at the airport, which is like soooo near my place. Could have just TOLD me where they were fliming right?. SHEESH. Anyway they ended the shoot at about 1pm. Have to go ALL the way back to MediaCorp again to change my pass and then had to rush down to school for my tutorial. Rush like mad. Then even had to skip lunch. After tutorial had to rush again to Serangoon to give tuition. But the real story is only just beginning...

Friday was also the day that my friends in IRC had this chalet near my place. So after i had rested abit and had a good shower i proceeded to the chalet as i have not met up with my IRC friends for a very long time. There were many famillier faces at the chalet. Ahbang, Slixk, Levia, AhGui, Hiro, K'Script, JY, Greg, Edwin, XiaoGary, XingWei, Wellness and many other people i dun even know. Mostly young kids. Gosh....... they really start early nowadays dun they? Anyway only Levia and Slixk bothered to say hi to me. The rest just treated as if i was not there. Kinda sad cause i really treated them as my friends, opened my doors for them, even invited them every year to my year end gathering. And all that i got in return? Zilch.

Well, there is nothing left to do but to just move on and talk to other people right? But the main reason i went there is because i wanted to watch the DRAG show. Yeah. It's been SOOOO long since i last watched any drag shows. So there i was. The show started quite early and the drag sisters came out and strutted their stuff. The dance items were OK. But the atmosphere was very dead. There was no cheering and no energy from the audience. Sad right? Anyway after the drag shows were over, i decided to finally do something that i had held off for a very very long time.

I had to talk to K'Script.

K'Script and i had been friends for a very long time and he was even my neighbour 2 times over. But due to monetary problems, somehow we drifted apart. I had to talk to him, to clear our misunderstandings once and for all. We had a real long talk, even to the extend that Greg and JY and the rest of them can't help but peek at us from distance to see what's going on. In the end, K'Script and I managed to clear our misunderstandings and move on with our friendship as usual. I told K'Script that for me, friendship is not an easy thing to have. Many people can say they are your friends. But when it really comes down to the crunch, will they be there for you when it really mattered? That's really what true friendship means isnt it? I told K'Script that i did not care about what the other so called "friends" think of me. But Him? Someone i really treated as a younger brother and a friend? Someone whom i have forgiven time and again for things he has done towards me in the past? Needless to say, i was really dissapointed. But we managed to clear it up. And now, i dare say our friendship has grown even stronger. Which is good right? LOL.

When i returned to the Chalet, Ahbang pulled me one side and asked me to read his bones for him. Horrible right? always ask me to do reading for them. Aper Jer?! LOL. Anyway as if reading Ahbang's bones wasn't enough, other people saw me doing readings also came in line and requested for me to read their bones. Sheesh. LOL. The it was Levia's turn. He was already drunk by then, and when i held on to his palm, this huge wave of anger and anguish overcame me. Levia was in pain, and a great deal of it. Being an Empath is like that, we often have to be the recepticals for other people's pain. Anyway, i used my empathic abilities to push his bottled up emotions out, for him to release those negative feelings he has locked inside him. He cried. And cried. He was in real bad shape. And of course, those "friends" of mine started accusing me of making him feel so horrible, vomitting and such. What they failed to realise is that all the while when Levia was vomitting his guts out and sprawn on the wet grass patch with only his shorts on, NOT ONE of them came over to enquire how he was. It was just me and Levia.

I believe that we must always be there for our friends. come hell or high water. At least, i do. Of course, it has to be within my own ability to. Anyway, Levia's condition DID not improve, but i really could not stay long with him. I had to give tuition the following day. At least, our mutal "friends" finally decided to actually DO something to help Levia at that stage. Hey, at least they DID do something in the end. Got to give them credit for that. So i left. A kind person gave me a lift home. It was 3am by the time i got back home and showered and slept.

Saturday was more mellow. Gave Tuition to my student then met up with WeiHao at Bugis Junction for lunch. After lunch, we went to M1 shop to look at some Handphones i wanted to buy. I later changed my mind as the units without lines cost a bomb. We then proceeded to the famous Temple at Bugis and prayed. I prayed for a lot, and lo and behold, i got a BAD lot. LOL. Figures.

We headed for Sim Lim Square after that and i walked around abit looking for a 1G thumbdrive for my own usage. I managed to get one at SGD$120. Quite Ex right? anyway, after my purchase we went for brunch at the food court below Sim Lim. And i realised that WeiHao has some bladder problems today. He was going to the toilet more then 4 times in a few hours!!! After brunch we decided that we will head on home. Halfway to the bus-stop, WeiHao suggested we walk all the way to City Hall MRT. I agreed and on we went. Halfway across the street, we saw the new national library. Wow, it is really a big looking building from the out side. WeiHao suggested we just walk in for 5 mins and then come out. I was skeptical. I told him no lar, we already said we are going home. I don't want to go into the library and be stuck in there. WeiHao ASSURED me we will just walk in, then walk out. Just to see what inside the building is like. The sun was still up and it was 4:55pm. I agreed and we went in.

We came out 3 hours later, after the Sun had set and the night had fallen. We had a good laugh when we FINALLY headed for the MRT.

Got back home. STONE lor.

Tomorrow got driving lessons again.


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