Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday 02 Oct 05 1150am


As the week draws to a close, events have to be summerised. Firstly, i did not make it for the Star Idol Final 10 Male contestants. Not because i am not a skilled actor in my own right, but because i am a Part-Time actor with MediaCorp. And this contest is supposedly for "new faces". One thing that has me all mad and fed up is that very fact that they did not just tell us in the first place that we Part-Timers will never have a chance at the top 20 in the first place. They have the 1st and even the 2nd auditions to let this fact be known to us. Why wait till the last min and THEN drop the bombshell at us, crushing all our hopes and dreams? There were even less active Part-Timers in the Female group that made it to the final 10 females, only to have a call the next day telling them they have been disqualified. And the one that really blew my socks off? there is a top 10 contestant named Nicholas who firstly, DID NOT attend the first auditions, AND, MOST Importantly, was a MODEL and a PART-TIME actor himself. Talk about double standards. Well... It's the end for me too. I decided that i will now do less shows as a part time for MCS, if any at all. I did my last show for them on SAT(Ai De Zhang Men Ren). And that's it. I've enough of all these double standards and the very message that we part-timers are doomed to forever just play peanut roles and be in the shadows of the full time actors.

On a happier note, I passed my Brown Belt grading at the HQ last week. So now i am officially a Brown Belt in Aikido. LoL. My Dojo instructor arrowed me to be our Dojo's Assistant Leader (AstLdr). Don't think it's something great. It's a great honour sure, however, the position comes with it many responsibilities and duties. And worse, i have to PAY for it. I have to pay the HQ SGD$100 every 3 months for a special AstLdr Dojo Card. What this card does is that it actually allows me to train at ANY Dojo near my area for free. Essentially, they are telling me with that card, i can practically train 7 days a week if i so fancy, with one day at my principle Dojo to help out with the class. I accepted the "arrow" because firstly, my instructor approached me for the position. And without his blessings, i would not have gotten my Brown just one year after i have taken up the art. And, i want to do something for my Dojo because i feel that i belong to it. I don't know what the rest of my Dojo Mates will think about my appointment though... Will it be possitive? Negative? Will they actually Co-Operate with me? I guess only time can tell.

The Weekend also saw me meeting up with Lester and Eddie again. LOL, those two are practically together all the time. People who are none the wiser would have thought there was something going on beween the two of them. But i can assure you, they are all very extremly straight. so, no worries. LOL. We had a good talk at Starbucks in Northpoint. I told them there was a Starbucks there... would they listen? NOOOOO. But in the end? Suck thumb right? Anyway, i enjoyed the meeting. But i would really love it if they would one day volunteer to meet me in the East, say Tampines or something. Always travelling to Yishun is quite tiring for me. But hey..... they are students, and they are not really as mobile as i am in terms of freedom.... But i dunno... it would just be nice if they meet me somewhere near my place for a change. We had a long long conference again on sat night. from 1215am to about 0330am in the morning before we decided it was enough. LOL.

Engaging, Intellectual Conversations.

Now THAT'S a conference.


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