Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday 12th Nov 05 0810pm.


Yes. I dun usually blog so early in the night, but since i am super-bored, and just too lazy to do my housework, i thought i would just update alittle of the going ons thus far with my life.

As i have mentioned, now my time is currently taken up by my driving lessons and Aikido. So i will just talk abit more about that.

I went over to HQ as usual for training on Wednesday night. The cute boy was there!!! LOL. We trained together and exchanged MSN contacts and contact numbers. Now, before you think of anything funny, this is purely a friendship kinda thing ok! dun let your mind wander off. He's like the ONLY teenager in the whole of the Wed Senior class. He's even more senior then me!!! isn't that super? Being the young at heart person i am, i made an effort to talk to him lar. I mean, you can just SEE his cramped face.... like as if he is damn intimidated with all the adults in the class. I for one can totally relate as to how awkward it must be to be the only 14 year old in a Dojo where ALL of the other members are in their 20's at least. Like... SHEESH right?
Back at Pasir Ris Dojo on Thursday, i was pleasently suprised to see BoonYong and LeeChuan there. Wow, they actually made an effort to turn up for training AFTER ALL. I was encouraged that at least they turned up for training. I taught them the basic rolls and locks, together with the rules and regulations of our Dojo and the Art itself. BoonYong seems abit more eager to progress to the next grade in the soonest possible time. Perhaps, he's trying to compete with his schoolmate, who also happens to be an Aikidoka but is only a blue belter after more then one and a half year's of training. Well, i told him that if he can prove to me he is able to learn the techniques taught well and come for training regularly, then i might even recommend him for the next grading this December. It also appears that during this holiday period, not many members are turing up for training. last training itself, close to half the class did not turn up. Hmmmm. Perhaps January then we will see some improvements.

As for my driving, i managed to book my Traffic Police Test date on the 1st of Febuary 2006. On the fourth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. I hope i get an "Ang bao" from my Tester on that test day. LOL. Good tidings for the new year perhaps?

The year is coming to a close and at a period where people are supposed to be enjoying themselves with holidays and chalets, my EXAMS are coming. Haiz. In DECEMBER no less. Dunno how i am going to be able to train my Aikido and manage the Thursday class for my own Dojo..... Die. Sure to fail.

More recently. On Friday itself, met up with my "long-lost" neighbour Benjamin. He's grown SO much taller now, yet still as skinny. And what shocked me the most is that he has totally changed his image from the day i know him. Now, he sports SHOULDER length blond hair, puts on EYELINER, has a pierced ear, and even BLACK Fingernails!!!! I was like... WHAT THE FISH is up with that? And he tells me he is NOT GAY. Yeah. I BELIEVE. He claims he is ONLY trying to have a gothic image. Gothic? in Singapore? Please. Cannot make it boy. Yeah. He's not gay but he loves Cloud from FF7 and Gackt, Some jap rocker. I tell you, he likes LADY BOYS lar~!!!! that....... very weird boy. SHEESH.

Anyway we met up at Plaza Singapura and had dinner at the food court. At the food court itself i saw Eddie and Lester (another one of the Gayish buddy couples i know. MUHAHAHAH. Shit... wait kana bitched by them...Die) having dinner with 2 other friends. Didn't want to disturb them lar. More so, i didn't want to scare them with my "Gothic" friend around. After dinner, we went walking around PS and then met up with John and the rest of the channel #AJ (Yes. They are the REAL gay people around.) people. Since it has been awhile since i last went to WHY NOT (A gay pub somewhere near the maxwell market area) and i'am really aching to see some drag(men dressing up as women) shows, i tried to drag my gothic friend along with me. At the end, by the time we reached there, the show was already over. SHEESH. So we left, and before we know it, we were back at my place, having purchased a bottle of vodka and some coke from the 7-11 store, called in another one of my neighbour whom we both know, and had a great drinking session. That Goth friend of mine drank untill he "rammed" himself lar. Vomit all over my place. APER JER. had to spend the whole night just to take care of him. Had to even change his clothes for him since he has vomitted all over himself. SHEESH. Dunno how to drink DON'T DRINK MAR.


Could'nt sleep lor. Then i had to go for another round of my driving practical the next morning at 8:30am LOR. I also like drank 4 cups of Vodka? I'am still fine??? And what happens? i ave to have 2 noobs who can't hold their drinks crashing my place. Great friends i have right?



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