Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday 19th Nov 12:30am


I had booked the 10am show on Friday morning for the latest Harry Potter movie the Goblet of Fire. As usual, i was alone watching the show. Now, for those of you who have NOT watched the movie yet, or are planning to in the very near future, i suggest you DO NOT read on. Cause the next few lines will contain spoilers, Which, by the way, is redundant to say because since the movie itself is based on the book, most if not all of the people who wants to watch the movie would have already KNOWN what the story and plot is about by now. Of course, there will be people who has NO CLUE whatsoever what the world is so interesting about a hairy pot, then i suggest you read on, and please make an effort to climb out of that deep well of yours. So please take the next few seconds to decide if you want to read on. And perhaps get a better picture of what your SGD$9.50 is buying you.



Various media reviews have stated that Goblet of Fire stays true to the book. I tend to incline towards saying that the movie "TRIES" to stay true to the book. The first few mins of the movie is rushed. The Quidditch match was barely 6 mins. And it was ALL OVER. And then there were several key points that were missed out too. Like at the tentage when the first mark of he-who-must-not-be-named (HWMNBN) was sighted, the part where they searched for the "shadowy" figure turns up the house elf was deleted. That in itself was a crucial part in the book, as it would finally be revealed why the elf was there in the first place, That Harry's wand was the one found to have casted the snake mark in the sky? and the true identity of the shadowy figure. This was ommited from the movie. And come on. This is HOGWARTS we are talking about. The entire movie, we see but just ONE classroom lesson? Tsk Tsk. The other parts of the movie were just as cut. I cannot recall FULLY what was cut from the movie, as it's been awhile since i last read the book. But a few things i can pick out quite clearly. The ommision of the herbology class, and some others. That Harry and Ron can get so angry at each other for something THAT TRIVAL. and lo and behold, get back together again IN AN INSTANT. There was more story on them in the book. The tasks were equally as rushed. Especially the part in the maze. There was supposed to be a Sphinx guarding one of the passes in the maze. It would have been NICE if it was in the movie. That was unfortunately ommited too. We also failed to see the Skeletial horses that was supposed to pull the carriages. The other thing i noticed is that the focus seems to be on Harry solely now. as Ron and Hermione only gets small roles as compared to Harry in this instalment. It used to be that the 3 of them will ALWAYS be together to face problems isn't it? And this part i am not too sure, but was there also blasted ended Skrews in that story as well? If i am wrong here, someone please tag and let me know. Thanks. And that Ron and Hermione was made prefect? was this also in Goblet of fire? Ok. Now that i have said about the omissions of the movie, let's get on to the GOOD side of it.

The scenery was FABULOUS. The special effects were AWESOME. And to be fair, based on the sheer volume of the Goblet of Fire book, it is virtually impossible to squeeze everything into a 2.5 Hr movie. And for the price of SGD$9.50 a pop, It's also worth the ticket price to watch it.

My Rating?

My Scale is based on Qs (Quality) with 5 Qs being the best rateing. Half points is denoted by the lower case "q".

Goblet of Fire: QQq (Worth your ticket price on ANY day, Effects are awesome) Drawback is that it tends to be rushed, and many things that should be included in the movie was ommited. Not really following true to the book as reported.

The above is MY PERSONAL view on the movie and by NO MEANS am i advocating that any of my readers follow my line of view. Readers are invited to tag your OWN views in the tagboard provided should your thoughts differ from mine or you tend to agree with my review of this movie.

Have to put disclaimers out now. I have no money to pay fines and i cannot stand to be in jail.

Next update, a further continuation of mf my life's story.

Stay Tuned.


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