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In my future blog entries, i will, in addition to blogs of my daily experiences, i will also be publishing 2 stories that i have always been wanting to write. One will have a Sci-Fi feel in it, and the other, a magical theme. I am but a very novice writer so i must put in my disclaimer first. Please do forgive me if my stories are boring in the beginning. I assure you, i will endevour to improve on my story line and make the sotries better and more exciting as the entries grows. So, please do bear with me in the meantime.

The first story, The GUARDIAN.

"Captian, sensors have picked up a signal from our heading. It's weak but definately there." reported Lieutanant Hafiz from the helms controls. Commander WeiHao looked up from his daily reports and addressed the young officer. "Distance?"
"The signal is 8 light years away from our current heading sir."
Commander WeiHao turned from his chair and looked at his commanding officer, Captain James. "Worth a shot, sir? it's not too far from where we are."
James nodded. "Well, after 1 week, it's about time we had some excitment. Helms, set course for the signal, warp 4."
"Warp 4, Aye sir." Lieutanant Hafiz confirmed. "ETA, 24 Minutes."
"Well commander, you have the bridge." as James stood up from his command chair and walked towards his office. "Let me know when we reach there."

In his office, James sat at his desk and pulled up the daily requests that have been submitted to him earlier in the day for approval from his desktop console. "Might as well get some work done before the show." He thought. As he looked through the various requests, he was caught by one particular entry from Lieutanant Zax from Security . The request read: 'Sir, It's been close to a year since we are out in space. I don't mean to be rude but i am really hoping we could get home soon. I really miss my family and friends back home. I know you are trying your best to get us home sir, but i was thinking perhaps you could let us at the ground know what's our progress in getting back to Earth. Thank you for your time sir.'
James felt his heart sink as he leaned back in his chair. He had tried his best to forget the incident that changed his life forever. It seemed like just yesterday whenhe was in his car driving to meet up with his old school mates when he was caught off guard by a sudden flash of green light that covered his vehicle. The next thinghe remembered is waking up in a strange room with a soft humming sound. It did not take him long to realise that he was dressed in some kind of military uniform andworse, he was stuck in a spaceship in some unknown location. He soon found out he was not alone. Stuck on the ship with him are close to 600 more teenagers both boysand girls. Somehow, they had woken up with knowleage of how to opperate a starship and each and everyone of them knew what his or her function was on board the ship.Their memories of being on Earth before are still intact, they have only been added with new data in their brains. James was the captain, as deduced by the uniformand rank pips he had on. Slowly but surely, James has made it his duty and promise to bring the ship crew back home to Earth,in the meantime, trying hard to maintain morale and find the answers as to why he and the crew were taken in the first place.

The ship in itself, as James soon found out, is named the Guardian. A powerful ship that seemed to have both defensive and offensive abilities and in which Jameshad only known very little about. Who brought them here? Why were they put on this ship alone? Who or what made the ship they are on? He just Had to find the answers...

"Captain, we have reached the co-ordiantes of the signal transmission." Commander WeiHao's voice reported over the ships' intercom.
"Thank you commander. I will be right out." Replied James in half thought.
"Report, Commander." Said James as he took his command seat.
"Sir, the signal we picked up seems to eminate from a becon about 300 Kilometers off our foreward bow." Commander WeiHao reported as he read off the computer's readings.
James considered the information and nodded. "Do we know what is the signal about?"
"Unknown Sir," Replied Lieutanant Julius from tactical. "However, the signals pitch and pattern has altered since we came into visual range of the Becon."
"On Screen." James commanded.

On screen, a white, cuboid object was visible. The surface of the object was radiating with a myraid of colours. It was beautiful.

"Analysis?" Called out James.

"Sir, the becon is now sending a very different and much stronger signal then before. I..... I don't know what to make of it sir." Replied Commander Weihao while punching several commands into his console and taking the readings.

"Captian!! Sensors are picking up a vessel approaching at high warp!" Lieutnant Julius voice came loud and clear.
from the screen, James watched in stunned silence as a Huge disc like vessel dropped out of warp and headed towards them.

"Status of the ship Mr Julius!" James called out.

The reply came back strong and clear. "There is a buildup of high energy discharges on various points of the ships' hull sir, Sensors are picking up activation of their weapon ports."
James only had a split second to think.

"Raise Shields, RED ALERT."

To be Continued

How you like the story so far? Anyway, my readers, you guys are welcomed to contribute your ideas too yeah? Dun be a passive reader, make the story grow with you. Besides, i'am using real life people i know in my story you know. So, tag your thoughts, let me know. We'll see where we can go from there.

And yeah before i forget. TODAY WAS RAINING THE WHOLE BLOODY DAY!!!!! URGH!!!!!

ok. rambling over.

Dun you just HATE wet wet days?


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