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I have just finished watching Star Idol results show on channel 8. I have a few thoughts about the show. Firstly, i am actually glad that i did not make it through the final auditions. Not because i am afraid of being eliminated, but purely because of the format of the show. This is an acting talent quest. Being greenhorns, how can you expect the contestants to "shine like a star" on their first try? Unlike a talentime contest, you either have the voice or you don't. They set up such a tried format to run Star Idol i can only say "Yawnz". It's just too old. I mean come on. American Idol is into it's what, 5th season? then we have Singapore Idol? It's tiring to watch an old format and is it just me, or is the "live" show actually quite dead? There dosen't seem to be any life in the audience. The hosts Bryan and Kym seem to slip up quite alot themselves too. Why is that? Aren't they supposed to be veteran hosts with MANY productions under their belt?

An acting contest depends not just on the ability to act out ONE scene, but many other roles as well. They should give the contestants time to grow with the contest. A chance for them to polish up their skills. Acting is like that. I should know. I did not just wake up one morning and have the skills to act infront of the camera. I feel they should let the top 20 finalists stay through the whole contest, give them many rounds of competition. At the end of each challenge, let the viewers votes go towards a grand score. At the end of the contest, at the grand finals, then have a big show to not just pick out the grand winner, but other awards such as the most photogenic, the most comedic etc etc. To me personally, there is nothing worse then being in a competition, investing time, effort, money and energy to take part in a competition and at the end of the day, have no chance to even prove yourself because you were voted off after just ONE lousy try. And then that's IT for the ousted contestants. What do they have to show for their efforts? The end of the road, as they say. Bear in mind, some of the contestants actually sacrificed their jobs and school work to be in this competition. Since Star Idol has so boldy declared the contestants to be the "Er Shi Chiang" IE, the TOP 20 contestants, don't you think they at least DESERVE something for their hard work and efforts? They dun HAVE to win the top prize, but at least give them enough time and opportunity to be known by the viewers, so they at least can have small roles or something to that effect after the whole contest is over and done with. What is so good about making people so emotional with tears and loud questions of "why why why?" At least, if you keeo the contestants in the show long enough, some of them would gradually come to realise that maybe acting is NOT their forte after all. Or even better, find out what they are MORE suitable for in the entertainment scene?

I am a struggling actor myself. I know how hard it is to break into this industry. More often then not, hard work and passion alone is really not enough to get you there. You need a certian amount of luck and chance. Something which i strongly feel the contestants are not given enough of. Having said all these, i will say this much. Some of the contestants really don't seem to be able to act at all. Some even gave me the impression that they are banking on their looks to get them somewhere in the competition. But in all fairness, Acting is a skill that can be nurtured. Look at Rui-En, Andrew Seow, James Lye, Julian Hee. really, when they first appeared on the TV, did ANYONE feel they can really portray their on screen characters well? I think not. And come on. This IS the media we are talking about. If you have a certian degree of looks, i am SURE you will still get a decent fan base who are willing to part with their money to support your shows or endorsements.

I am really quite dissapointed at the way the show was held. Even from day one, it gave me the impression that the show was not properly organised. Even the two Hosts didn't seem to have the connection with each other. If this was hosted by newbie hosts i can understand. But Bryan Wong and Kym Ng? what's happening here? That said, i believe you can understand why i am relieved that i did not make it for the actual competition.

I assure you, this is NOT a case of sour grapes. I am not giving the show a bad review just because i did NOT make it for the competition. But the show itself is their best report card. I mean, come on. Surely as my readers, you are wise enough to guage for yourself if a show is of quality and professionally done. I leave it to you, my readers, to judge for yourself if what i have written carries merit.

As a person, as a contestant or even as a viewer, if you put yourself in the contestants shoes, would you have felt that you have been given enough chances to earn that spot to stardom, would you, as a person who enters a grand competition to find the "next big star" in Singapore be happy or satisfied at how the contest is done?

The contest is still in it's infancy, i will give it that much. Perhaps, as the weeks go by, and the contestants get more exposure, we will get to see improvements in the way the show is run.

I believe in always giving things/people a chance to prove themselves.

Maybe we all can get pleasently suprised? Who knows? this IS the media we are talking about

Anything can happen.


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