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Wednesday 2nd NOV 05 1050pm


I know it’s been awhile since I last updated my blog. But I have valid reasons for doing so. Firstly, I was lazy. I mean, even great authors have writers block, and really if I have nothing good to write, why write just for the sake of writing? Secondly, I was tired. Do I even need to explain tiredness? Third, I was too involved with MapleSEA, a free online game I recently started playing. Last, I have been training Aikido more frequently nowadays. Ever since I have been made the assistant leader of my Dojo, I have felt the need to really buck up on my techniques and skills. I want to prove to my Dojo members my worth as an assistant leader. It’s the only right thing to do. I’am not someone who relies on “status” and “appointments” to demand respect and acceptance from people. Now that I have all that settled, let’s see what I have been doing since the last time I blogged.

On the 23rd , I was the Emcee for our Aikido HQ’s 17th anniversary dinner. I met a very cute boy from Paya Lebar Dojo. LOL. Now, he’s not OMG-Drop-Dead handsome lar. Just the can-raise-an-eyebrow kind of cute. He’s a polo player from ACS. Lol. Anyway, I did the show and I really thought I could have done better. If not for the last min changes that they so suddenly hit me with, I am certain I could have done the event better.

Next, I am also very involved with my driving. I am proud to say that I have been getting better and better at my driving as the sessions goes by. My instructors all commented that I may be ready to take my Traffic Police test as early as January 06. Well, one can only hope for the best yes? I booked many sessions close to each other so that I can be still fresh from the last session. But after all these bookings, I am like so totally broke AGAIN. But this is a kind of licence that one HAS to take when he/she (notice I am not sexist here. LOL) has reached of age. More so in a country such as ours. If all else fails in life, I can always use this licence to be a delivery man, a driver, or even a Bus Captain. So my friends, take the driver’s licence if you come of age. Trust me, it’s something that can actually make a living for you.

As for my Aikido practices, I have been going to Dojos such as Tampines West CC, Bedok CC and of course, HQ at Ah Hood Road. But after a few sessions running around the island, I decided to stick to just the HQ itself. Reason is very simple really. I am learning a form of Martial Arts. There is a saying “too many cooks spoils the soup”. Different instructors have different methods of teaching a martial art. Some are more aggressive, some put emphasis on the techniques in a slow, controlled method. So, if I were to learn from different instructors all the time, I won’t even be able to upgrade myself in due course, rather, I need to adapt to different methods of teaching all the time. It’s not conducive for me. And a total bloody waste of time, in my view. So, I have decided to just stick to the HQ. At least, our chief instructor Mr Phillip Lee Sensei also teaches there. Since I want to learn, might as well learn from the best in the school I am in, right? And well, I have an added incentive for going there to train. There is this cute young boy in the HQ class. LOL. Young chap but is Brown Gold. Sheesh…… so very the unfair right? Haiz.

Most recently, I have actually started on this free online game MapleSEA. Quite a good game. It’s just a 2D game whereby you have this cute little cartoony character trying to level up killing mushrooms and pigs. Yes. It’s really funny I know. But hey, it’s free. And the items they have are cute. Most importantly, I was bored. So, Yeah. For those who play this game too, I am a level 26 Magician in Aquila. I have 3 characters in the game namely: Angelixsg (my bank character), Nokia6101 (my main character), Aikidoka (my spare character). So, whoever wants to add me in the game or perhaps have some party quests then please go ahead and add me.

On a personal front, I managed to convince Boon Yong and Lee Chuan to join Aikido with me at my Pasir Ris Dojo. Unfortunately, they dun seem to be serious about it at all. Which is expected for kids their age. Haiz. It’s really quite disheartening you know. When you thought you have already convinced someone about an issue only to find out in the end that they were only entertaining you by agreeing. Seriously, how much ruder can someone get?

Went to watch the new movie “Tom-Yum Goong” with Cliff on Monday. I tell you, the movie was FANTASTIC. The fighting scenes were awesome, the comedy was good, and there are touching aspects of the movie too. Fully worth the price of the ticket, even at the max of SGD$9.50 a ticket. I give it a 7/10.

A few people have also been commenting that my tag board is difficult to read and scroll. Well, TOUGH. Firstly, I don’t know how to increase the side bar’s width. Second, if you guys want me to rectify the space, then for pete’s sakes, tag more. I mean, hello. There is no point in me increasing the tag space if no one actually tags on the bloody thing ANYWAY. If I see an active tag board, then, and MAYBE then, I’ll do something about it. Look, I’am not trying to be cocky or anything. Ok, maybe I am ALITTLE. But see, it’s really MY blog. I will do what-ever I want with it. And yeah, if you guys tag enough, which is the reason WHY I put a tag there IN THE FIRST PLACE, then I have NO choice but to do as my readers wish, RIGHT? So, ball’s in your court readers. You want a better tagboard space? You guys know what to do.

Now that the holiday season is here, my tuition assignments have also ended for me. So now I’am like totally broke AGAIN, least for the pitiful savings I have in my bank. Oh well…. It’s back to 1 meal a day and playing maple and Neopets at home. Yes. I STILL PLAY Neopets. Come on, it’s a whole big economy in neopets. The items they have inside can actually sell for 10s, if not 100s of real, Singapore dollars each. It’s a money making game you know. Besides, it’s free and the pets are cute. Especially the specially colored ones. You guys should try it. Really. Have I ever lied to you guys before? *flutters eyelids and acts blur*

I know this entry is abit lengthy. But hey, I have not blogged for a while. Therefore, it’s only logical that I have a lot more to write right now. Ok. I think I have written enough for now. Happy Deepavali (it’s over already, I just realized) and Happy Hari Raya to all the Indians and Malays out there. Have to be multi-racial nowadays you know, if not can get hauled to court, fined AND jailed for being a racist.

Aren’t we ALL happy we are in such a nice country?


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