Monday, December 26, 2005

Sunday 25th DEC 05 12:50am


Before i start with my entry, just need to warn you people first. This is gonna be a long entry. Ok. So, you have been warned.

Now, Christmas Eve passed just as i had expected. I spent the time at home rotting. I actually had another fliming assignment with MediaCorp on Chritmas Eve, but ended up, it was cancelled. So, i'am left with nothing to do on Chirstmas Eve. Bought myself a Log cake and ate it all myself. What a wonderful way to spend Chirstmas Eve. Merry Christmas James..... *rolls eyes*

Christmas day was more eventful. I actually had SMS greetings from Mingwei, Wayne and even Botak Jonathan from Aikido. And these are the people who i have NEVER expected to sms me EVER. In the morning, went with Isaac to a church near our place (Name of church not mentioned for OBVIOUS reasons). Now, i am a Pagan (I.e, One that practices witchcraft) for as long as i can remember. This is not to say that i am against ANY or ALL religion. But, and THIS IS ONLY A PERSONAL VIEW OF MINE, Please, Please PLEASE do NOT take this as an attack. I cannot understand why Christians HAVE to be Anti-Religion. Now, WHY do i say so? Simple. In the church, that paster will say things like "If you do not GIVE YOURSELF to GOD/Jesus/Christ, You will NEVER be welcomed in heaven when you expire from this earth. You will be in HELL.", "There is ONLY ONE TRUE GOD. And you have to GIVE yourselves to HIM." and other remarks that i do not even bother remembering. or something to that effect. Does this mean to say that Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans and even the Taoists will burn in hell when they die, Just because they do not believe in YOUR god? How can you actually justify that statement? Why, it actually sounds more like a THREAT to me then anything else. I do not know about other people, but really, it sounds very conceited and arrogant to me. To actually say somehting like that. Are we not supposed to respect one another, be it colour or religion? The message sent or spoken by the pastor does NOT give me the impression that there is any respect given at all. But then again, it could just be me. After sitting/standing there for awhile, i was really feeling very sick of the whole "session". I mean, it just felt really uncomfortable there. Dunno why. Anyway, after the "party", we left for Tampines Mall to watch the movie "Narnia". Along the way met up with Cliff and his family. What a coincidence right? LOL.

NARNIA was actually a let down if you ask me. Movie was rushed. And the dialouge was not very well done. BUT!!! the CGI effects WERE fantastic. I rate it 2Qs out of a possible 5.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I have decided, from events that have happened around me lately, to embark on a "WalkAbout". Now, what IS a Walkabout anyway?

Basically, When one does a walkabout, He/She will leave his/her personal things and contacts aside. And move onto a journey to hopefully find him/herself again. He/She will stop his/her contact with his/her friends for a period of time. He/She will also do things that He/She has never done before, new things that perhaps hold meaning for the person haveing the "WalkAbout". I do not know How long my walkabout will last. It could be 1 week, could be 1 month, could even be 1 year. Hopefully, i WILL meet myself out there, and perhaps, find a better understanding and meaning of why i am here in the first place.

During this time, i will screen my calls. Even watch my contacts with my "friends". I need to know who my true friends are. And who my "Hi-Bye" Friends are. I need to know who i am. What i am doing here, and what is my purpose in life. So many questions. So little answers. However, currently, i also understand that i cannot, in good faith, leave my Aikido duties alone. It's just not responsible. So, i guess, that would be something that i will continue to do, until someone else comes up to relieve me f this duty. I love my Aikido members too much. I dunno why. They are just... wonderful people. Of course, this would cause my walkabout to be extended for an unknown period of time.

And since i am going my walkabout, i will be less active in blogging after today. But a safe bet would be to check back once every week to see what interesting stories or entries i have to say.

So, i'll see how it goes.


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