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How time flies. We are reaching the end of the year 2005, before we know it, 2006 will be knocking at our doors. But before that even begins, we humans have already found a way, from generations down, to celebrate. Christmas. Ahh.... the carols and the snow, the festive season of giving and sharing. But nowadays, it's more the recieving part that gets us so excited isn't it?

Assuming you have been a good boy/girl the past year (Yeah, RIGHT), you would be expecting a present for christmas. Santa would come riding down with your presents in tow. (Really, we ALL know SANTA is REALLY the dollar bills you have in your wallets given by the mr and mrs clause at home.) Now, have you thought of what you want for christmas? That PSP you have been eyeing for so long? That new, state of the art 3G enabled bluetooth handphone? That new pair of shoes? (Notice i omit the brand names, cause i don't want any law suits to come flying my way. People can be charged and jailed for seditious acts my writing their OWN thoughts in their OWN blogs for crying out loud!!! what's stoping the ridiculously rich and powerful brand giants for doing the same?) That Laptop you have ALWAYS been wanting? The new set of blades? That cool Bike you saw at the bicycle shop? Or just good, plain old CASH. That usually works best ain't it? As for me, i have already thought of what i want.

And what is want is way way way expensive. Yup, i don't believe even BILL GATES himself can afford it. Yes. i know. SOOO GREEDY right me?

So what is this super expensive item i want that even people like BILL GATES himself cannot afford? A Jetliner? A trip to space? An unlimited spending card to buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING i want? A monthly income of $30,000 untill the day i die, so i dun even need to work for a living? Well, Bill Gates can afford all of the above. No, what i want is more expensive then that.

All i want for chirstmas? is MY FAMILY.

Living alone has it's perks no doubt. But living alone because of circumstance is totally different. I miss my baby sister a whole ton of lots. (pardon my english please, it's close to 2am in the morning, cut me some slack). Believe it or not, i miss my mother too, i worry for her mental and physcial health. And really, the one thing that i DO not have and yet is so important to me now? is the fact that i cannot sit down and have a meal, a decent meal with my family. I do so envy my friends who have an intact family. Sure, there will be quarrels and what nots, strong words can be exchanged at the heat of the moment, but at that end of the day, they will still sit down and have a meal together. Money is very important yes. You can buy many things. HAVE many things, service from head to toe. With money, you can even get someone to open his/her mouth and drink your pee when you decide to empty your bladder. But how long can the "happiness" and the "high" of material wealth sustain you? So you got the latest model handphone in the market now. 3 months down the road, your Handphone is worth less then HALF the price you paid for it. So you got yourself a big, nice spanking new car. When it's lifespan is up, you have to let it go at a LOSS anyway. And through it ALL, what really remains unchanged?

Your parents? YES

Your siblings? YES

Your loved ones? YES

So why is it that we want so much to fight for what OTHERS have? that big car, that big house, that fat pay cheque at the end of the month, that status? When in reality, it is what you ALREADY have that is so priceless?

Would you change your own parents or siblings for another? Ok, so maybe SOME people out there will, For the right price and the right benefits. These type of people should be dragged to some obscure corner and get gang raped by a squad of deranged, rabbied, banana wielding monkeys. Seriously. Would a normal, feeling person not shed a tear AT LEAST when a loved on passes on? We do. At least, i know i will.

Things that can be bought, well..... they will NEVER end will they? There are SOO many things we can HAVE that we really do not need. And there are things that we WANT to have so we can enjoy the lavish lifestyle. It NEVER ends. You just need money. The more, the merrier. One would expect that because you value and LOVE money so much, It would cry for us and miss us when we expire in this earth right? Well..... WOULD IT?

No? So, who then, do you think actually WOULD? Then, should you not spend time with those who WOULD feel for you instead? Of course, if, in the course of showing that love for your loved ones, the money can still come in in BIG FAT HEALTHY numbers, all the merrier right? So really. My wish is sooo simple.

To have my family with me for Christmas. SO SIMPLE, Yet, So impossible.

So, Have you REALLY decided what YOU would have for Chirstmas?


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