Sunday, January 22, 2006

Saturday 21st JAN 06 2:30am


Do you believe in signs from the unknown? Have you ever had strange things happening around you that just dosen't seem to be too "natural" to you? Well.... Today i had just such an experience. But more on that later.

Today i met with my mother at Centerpoint for New Years' stuff. I actually wanted to just get some 20 odd dollars Giodano Tees. She would not hear of it. She insisted on buying something more class. Basically, she wanted to SPEND. She told me. "It's just once a year". She reasoned. Ok. FINE. In the end, these are what i got for "New Years"

1. Baby G watch : SGD$140

2. Levis Engineered Jeans: SGD$170

3. Levis Cloth Belt: SGD$50

4. Leather Shoes: SGD$174

5. Hugo Boss Limited Edition Fragrance: SGD$69 (40ml sphere)

We had actually wanted to get some new clothes and a pair of sports shoes. However, didn't have enough time. Rich people... can really spend right...... Haiz.

Anyway i told my mother it's the new year and i want to just move on with life and look forward to a better year. If this includes making up with my family then so be it. She looked happy and content when i told her that.

I also told her about the tenant moving in with me. She did not look happy but said that she will meet up with my tenant and see for herself how he is as a person. She told me to go home first and then she will come by again later.

And that was when the strange things happened.

While walking towards the Outram MRT, it began to RAIN heavily. But since got shelter i did not think anything about it. I took the train, then when i came out of the tunnel at Kallang, it was sunny and bright. I was thinking "good..... no rain... i carry so heavy bags.... and no umbrella, just please dun rain". Then when the train reached SIMEI, IT ROARED. the sky suddenly turned very dark and POURED. I was thinking. "SHIT LAR! Sure get stucked at the station!!!!" Then the train reached Pasir Ris. STILL raining heavily. I reached the entrance steps and the rain STOPPED. From a DOWNPOUR to a bare drizzle. I was like.... WOW. Ok.... went to the interchange and took the bus. Once the bus got out of the interchange, THE RAIN POURED AGAIN.

I thought this time SURE die one lar. Where got so lucky i can evade the rain like the second time right?


When i alighted, the rain was STILL pouring. But what did i see in front of me, just laying there, on the seat at the bus stop, as if waiting for me? An Umbrella. A proper, working black umbrella. And there was no one else there in the near vacinity. I was like... "HUH....". I took the umbrella, looked around a few more times to ensure that there was no one else around that could be the owner and pressed the release button on the umbrella.

It opened BEAUTIFULLY. I was like. "WOW.... Like that also can??" And so i was able to shield not only myself but my bags from the rain till i reached home.

So tell me guys. What are the chances of evading the rain not once, but twice? Even if you CAN do it, what are the chances of finding a working umbrella just laying there for you just when you needed it the most?

Well...... you think about it. Is this like... real lucky or what?


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