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Sunday 1st JAN 06 06:30pm


Wow. How time flies. It's already the year 2006. Have you made any resolutions for the year? How bout lat year? Managed to keep any resolutions? Well, i am happy to say that i at LEAST got ONE wish of the old 2005 granted. I ushered in the New Year with friends. Not Alone, but with friends.


Me, WeiHao and Jerome arranged to meet at Somerset MRT at 6:30pm on New Year's Eve. That's a SATURDAY, a day BEFORE Sunday, if you guys don't already know. Already, the Orchard road area is already quite packed with people. It turns out, we actually met up earlier then planned. What a good start. Our first stop is to go down to CineLeisure for dinner....

Dinner at FoodCourt in Cine

Weihao was feeling Jap so he ordered some Jap Set meal. The stall Didn't even give him Jap Rice. What a rip off right? Jerome had some ramen thingy and i settled for Laksa. After dinner, we went around Cineleisure and waited for our Moive "A Chinese Tall Story" to begin. They actually had this band performance outside of Cineleisure. Music was not my type, however.

Before that, we went up to the 9th floor of Cine. I read that there is a MEGA Lan Shop on the 9th floor. So we went up for a look.

WOW. It was HUGE. There was even private rooms like some KTV lounges with FLAT Screen TVs for Movies and Games. The staff will also bring food to you personally in the private rooms. How cool is that.

However, the place Smelt like Terpentine (SIC?). I kid you not. The smell of the new flooring and the plastic was overwhelming!!!!!!! I actually coughed a few times.....

Nice Place. Nice View, Dun we look like some game show hosts? Muhahahaha

Feeling Blue? No worries. Just do what Jerome and WeiHao did. SMILE.

The time came for us to watch our movie. The show was CRAZY. Spaceships and Diamond studded Buddah. It's one crazy hillarious comedy. With the female lead showing very unhealthy signs of delusions. It's also quite Lesbian too. LOL!!! I'am NOT kidding you. It's true.

Well, after the movie ended, we initially wanted to go down to Downtown East, However, we decided to go down to Esplande instead. We took the MRT down to City Hall, And realised to our horror that it's already packed with people. It was unbelieveable. We made our way to the Esplande, and when we reached there, we realised that it was ALREADY packed to the brim with people. We had wanted to give up there and then and just turn back, but we realised that there is another section that we have not seen yet, which was alittle less crowded. So we went back in.

Weihao chewed a fly that went to his mouth

Good, Strong Teeth we have.......

Now, there was no place for us to sit, so, we had to stand and walk around abit. After about what seems to be 3 million hours of walking, we decided that we are tired and picked a spot to just stand and wait for the fire works. It was JAMMED packed with people there. There are times where we couldn't even move at all. Felt like sardines in a tin. As we were waiting, we saw this group of Bengs (i.e, Ganster wannabes) Who took it upon themselves to pick on the Banglahs and spray those cans of artificial snow on them. And those Bengs weren't even shy to make it known to all that they were picking on them. The Banglahs, being the friendly, none the wiser people, thought that the kids were trying to be friendly, sprayed the artificial snow back. One of the bengs got into a huge temper and slapped. Yes. SLAPPED the poor Banglah on the face.

My Goodness. And then we always wonder why people from other countries always look down on us Singaporeans. We are the ones who tarnish our own names. My mood was drastically altered at that moment. Really. Those Bengs think it's their do given right to spray things at people, and people have no right to spray back at them? What a Disgrace.

Also saw a group of my gay friends, Abang, Andre, etc etc at the Esplande. They were also there for the fireworks display. The area that we waited had this view of the river, where they had all those floating balls.

Don't blame the camera man for this blur pic. Blame the Lousy Camera. And yes, the floating balls ARE there.

WeiHao could not keep his pee in at all.... LOL.... No, Seriously? this was a freak shot.

Then came the pillars of light. Very Strong search lights. And then...... THE FIREWORKS. IT WAS AWESOME. And it was about 15 mins long!!!!! There were Star-Bursts, Star-Fields, Fairy-Dusts, Flares, Showers, Blazing-Tails and so much so much more different types of fireworks that were displayed. However, There was ONE hitch. Our view was blocked by some bloody extra PALM TREES.

URRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, we managed to see most of the display lar. So not too bad. After the display, we sat at some corner and waited for the crowd to disperse. You try getting out of a place where THOUSANDS of people are either walking in the same direction, or against you.

We finally reached City Hall MRT, and unfortunately Jerome had to get back home. So in the End, Only WeiHao followed me back to my place to crash. We bought supper, and 2 bottles of beer. At the end of the day, WeiHao drank SOOO much he puked ALL OVER MY TOILET. Yes. ALL OVER.

And he was out. He slept in my master-room but i could not go to sleep yet.... because i was SOO worried that he would Puke on the Bed-Sheets. I took a Candid shot of him totally Konked out on my bed.... But, he refused to let me post that pic up. LOL. BUT... BUT BUT BUT

He DID not say i cannot SEND it to people!!! Muhahahaha. Who wants the pic just tag ok? I'll send it to you.


I managed to sleep ONLY at 7:00am.

Woke up the next day, Stonned abit, and WeiHao only left for home at around 4:00pm


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