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Wednesday 18th JAN 06 1:35am


Due to recent happenings to my blog, i want to make something very clear to one and all. My blog is where i pen my own thoughts and feelings in. If, at any time, readers of my blog dis-agrees with what i have to say, they are of course welcomed to their own opinions. A person cannot make EVERYONE happy. Having said that, i want to reiterate that if, for any reason, a person who reads my blog does not agree or like that they see, they are welcomed to STOP reading my entries from that moment onwards. Unknown persons have been putting flaming remarks on my tagboard and most recently, a person that goes by the handle "LC" have spammed my tagboard with uncalled for remarks, as can be seen.

That person is LeeChuan (LC). Now, i have NO IDEA what sparked off this person's attack on my blog. The last i understood, that person has broken off all ties with me, and has even blocked me on MSN. This is all well and good to me. I do NOT depend on a single person to live my life. If, however, that person has, by his OWN actions, decided not to have ANYTHING to do with me, i find it Childish and sad that this same person would busy himself with flaming my blog. My entries are opened for all to read. Even the said people i have mentioned in my blog have access to what i have written. The people that i have written about have NOT commented that ANY of my entries carries ANY FALSE information whatsoever. I most certianly do not need an OUTSIDER to dictate if what i have written is true or not. My message is very simple. If the things/events written here does NOT concern you, DO NOT be a busybody and tell me what YOU THINK i have done wrong.

LC has also brought in the issue of my web counter as an object of his flaming. Whatever number the counter shows have NO LINK whatsoever with the CONTENTS of this blog. By making an issue out of this, you have made yourself not only look stupid, but also shown to people how inmature you are. There is NO NEED for me to "FAKE" my website counter. The number shown in my counter was reached with the due process of time and website hits that my readers have done on my blog. I do not know why you can get so worked up over my comments on BoonYong. One can ONLY conclude that you must have a very great deal of affection for him to have caused you to flame my blogsite in such a manner. He must be the love of your life. I have NO issue with you disliking me or whatever feelings of dissent you may have against me. This is YOUR right as a person and i RESPECT that. Jolly well LEAVE me and my blogsite ALONE. I have made attempts to make up whatever differences we had had in the past, even to the point of apologising for whatever jokes i may have made towards you that you may have felt offended about. I did MY part.

You REJECTED all my attempts at repairing our friendship. This is ALSO something that is FACT.

That BoonYong has spoken behind my back is FACT. I just WRITE it as it is. That Jay and Jerald have revealed to me some of their better kept personal secrets also remains a FACT. Nothing that You, LC, can say or do will alter this FACT. Your actions towards MY blog are pointless and inmature. This is ALSO FACT. If you DO NOT like what you see, DO NOT read it. It's really as SIMPLE as that. Do not become the EXTRA and post comments about the validity of my entries when even the parties INVOLVED in it, such as Jay, Jerald and even BoonYong himself who, by the way HAVE access to my blog, did not say that ANY of my entries are fake or misleading.

People that knows me personally will know what type of a person i am. I let them decide if i am worth to be their friends or trusted confidant. This has always been my policy. I use truth and respect when i interact with people. Be it my Juniors or Seniors. You have an issue with me, bring it out in the open and say it to me face to face. Dun cower behind a computer screen and let fly sarcastic and pointless remarks like a coward.

I will still continue to write my entries the way i have always been writing them. Because i believe that i DO have faithful readers who reads and appreciates my blog, as opposed to SOME people who wants to act smart and worse, some who even have NO BALLS to reveal who they really are when they flame my blog.

To those unknown flamers. You wanna comment and make fun about my sexuality? Yet you do not even DARE to say who you are when you flame my blog?

Who's the one without the balls NOW?


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