Monday, February 13, 2006

Sunday 12th FEB 06 12:40am


It's strange. It's not too long ago that my best friend told me about his plans to settle down in Indonesia with his Boyfriend and build their own villa there. Before i know it, this coming Tuesday would be Valentines' day. Now, i've NEVER had the good fortune to celebrate Valentines' day in my life. At least, not the kind of celebration one would associate with the occasion. Has anyone one of you ever celebrated Valentines' day? Was it memorable? Did you have a good time with that someone you love?

You would be lucky. Say what you will, even if, at the end of the day, you broke up with that partner of yours, you cannot deny that at that moment in time, it was just the PERFECT day/night for you isn't it?

It is also interesting to note that Valentines' Day is also known as "International Friendship Day." I suppose it's created to fit in people who have no dates or have no life outside of their own computers or books. Why do you think we people make up such names and such special days? For the normal folks, it's just a special day to put in the excuse to say "i love you" to the one you love, or to just get together and share that special day together. For the business minded, it's where the consumer dollar comes in. Resturants will put up special set meals for two, telcos will put up one-for-one handset offers. So really, when you think about it, is Valentines' day really about 2 persons being together, or just an excuse to spend money to line other people's pockets?

I have never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend to share this special day with. Honestly, i long to try out what it is like to be with that one other person. To window shop, to talk, to have the candle-light lunch/dinner at some middle class resturant, to watch a movie. Simply, to share that moment together. Heck, i don't even mind if my date lasts for only ONE freaking day. But i suppose that was not to be. Logically speaking, people or, more accurately, couples would have ALREADY spent time together this weekend, seeing as how this year's V-Day falls on a weekday. So by right, i am ALREADY late. Isn't it?

But wait. Let us not forget International Friendship Day. Then again, this would only work for people who DO have friends. I'am not saying i DON'T have any friends. But you see, even friendship has their chart levels. There are those "Die-Die-cannot-lose" friendship, the "I-hate-him-but-i-need-him" level of friendship, then there is the "he-is-same-class-as-me" friendship, and the "Hi-Bye" level of friendship, amongst others. I don't even register under the "Hi-Bye" level to most of my "friends". Why? because they have other friends they are close to who they are more comfortable to be out with.

It's true. Just look at my phone book. People will already have plans or just won't reply my SMSes. Forget SMSes even. In MSN also refuse to reply.

What a joke.

I hope that one day, someone will call me up and say "Hey James, free to come out for coffee?" or "Free for a date James? Just you and Me."

That will be the day i turn straight.



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