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Do you believe in Karma? As in, what you do upon others, you will recieve three fold? That every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

I do.

However, if that statement were to be true, then why is it that a person can do much evil onto another, yet, does not even seem to be effected by any negative elements in his/her lifetime? Why is it also that a person who does good for another person, with all sincerity and heart, always seems to get backstabbed in the end?

Is that fair? No of course not. Then why, for pete's sakes, does it happen?

One thing that one has to understand first off is that the universe in itself is run by variables of inconsistency. It can suddenly rain despite a very cloudless and sunny day. People and animals can suddenly drop dead for no apparent reason.

Cause and effect is no different. A person who does evil/bad/wrong accumilates guilt. He/She Knows that what he/she did is wrong. Therefore, gets very worried that people around them may be scheming to hurt them. Another person who does good have no worries. He/she is guilt free. This person can face the world without fear, sleep without nightmares.

As humans, we are conditioned since birth to accept that everything is liner. If an item costs three dollars, then you need to have three dollars to buy it. If you burn something, it will turn into ash. If you stab someone, that person may die. All these are what we expect to SEE.

Herein lies the problem.

When a person kills another, that person is expected to be killed back in return. When another person does a good deed for someone, he/she is expected to be repaid in kind. We understand things that we see, thus, we can believe and comprehend.

However, life in itself is abit more complicated then that. We cannot see air, yet, we know it's there. We cannot see sound, yet, we can hear it. It's the same as people who have a religion. They cannot SEE their gods physically, Yet, they believe he/she is THERE.

When a person gives to another with free will and sincerity, does he/she actually think of being repaid in kind? The truth is, he doesn't. BUT, it is really the REACTION that dissapoints the giver. Don't understand?

Man A saves his own money to purchase an expensive item for Boy B. Man A knows that the item in question is far beyond what Boy B can afford. Yet, because Boy B is the child of Man A, He thinks nothing of tightening his own belt so that the person he loves, That is, Boy B, gets the item. Now, when this action is DONE, Man A does not expect ANYTHING in return from Boy B. That is a fact. HOWEVER, when Boy B, on recieving that item, just casually replies "Oh, it's so the wrong colour and outdated!!!" Man A will feel very dissapointed that there is not even a shred of appreciation from Boy B. This is when EXPECTATION sets in.

Let's face it. We are human beings. We have emotions. We are less then prefect. The most we can do is try our very best to do what is right to us, and acceptable to others.

But even by our best endevours, one person can NEVER please EVERYONE. It's just the way it is. There are just too many different people out there with opposite or different ways of thought.

John Pope the 2nd was revered by so many thousands. Yet, one joker still chose to shoot him with a gun. Now, after ALL that the Pope has done for the people, Does he DESERVE to die at the hands of a gunman? Is THAT fair?

No. Of course not. But then it did happen.

The point is, life is never certain. But the power is still up to US, to do what we want in our lives.

My mother CHOSE to use lies and masks in her daily life. So much so that she is now very worrried that it may all one day fall on her. This is HER karma. Yes, she has a big house now. She has a big car. She has alot of money. She even has her two children with her now. Should she be happy? She should. But IS she? only SHE herself will know the answer to that question.

I chose to walk the path of the homosexual lifestyle. Because of that, i have lost friends. I have lost respect from people around me. Even earning jeers and backstabbings from people i consider my friends. This is MY Karma.

But at least, i know there is one thing i can say with pride. I am true to people who are my friends. I treat them with respect and love. I treat them with the truth about me too. In the end, how they want to treat me back, that's way beyond my power to change. I am not afraid to face my friends in the eye. I can hold my head up high. No guilt baggage.

Can my other so called "Friends" do the same?

My friends. Karma IS there. it's just that sometimes, the evil ones are hit with a punishment we cannot see. And the good ones are given rewards that only THEY will know and cherish.


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