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Have you ever felt anger? As in, REALLY angry? To the extend that you turned into a totally different person? And this anger just sprouted, out of nowhere you can think of, and during your outburst, you do things that you will look back and regret later? If you have, then you have been jinxed. By an entity known as Tempest.

Tempest has the power to fuel anger and hate. Once he senses your anger, your hate, he can increase that emotion and turn it all to rage. He feeds on the negative thoughts that results. He gets stronger with every hurtful word spoken, every punch delivered or worse, a life taken. The victim will get disorientated, confused and shocked at what he/she has done in the end. And the person will be left to face the consequences later by him/herself.

Is there any defence at all against an entity as powerful as this? The answer is YES.

Knowleage and an opened Heart is the key.

Tempest has no power against those who KNOW about his exsistence. His power can also be nullified by the power of the Heart.

A person who accepts things as it is and has self control will be able to defend against the power of Tempest. But that alone is not easy. Sometimes, even the best of us can fall prey to his influence.

Today was my turn.

I had an arguement with my mother over the tenant at my Pasir Ris flat. It was just a small matter regarding rent and the move-out date of the tenant. However, things soon went out of hand and i said certain things i should not have to my mother in the heat of the moment.

I was easy prey for Tempest. Knowing the relationship i have with my mother, it's no wonder there had to be a fight. I only realised too late that i have lost my temper. I ended up lost and confused. Why did things have to turn out this way again? why must there be fighting and arguing again?

When you get lost and confused what do you do? How do you deal with it? Do you find someone to talk to? Do you keep quiet? Do you hit the wall with your fists? Do you take your friends or family as your emotional "punching bag"?

I do not have ANYONE to talk to. Or rather, i do not have anyone i know who can help me with my situation. It's ironic isn't it? I keep telling my younger peers that i will always be there for them... Yet, when i have problems of my own, i have NO one to turn to except myself.

It's true. I am not happy at all staying with my mother in the big white box. But i had a plan. I decided to move in to gain something for myself. To get a better life. To be rich.

Yes. I do not deny it. We all NEED money to survive. Why do you think people work hard and study their asses off in school, and fight for that "A"? It's because they want to live a good life in future. To be able to live comfortably when they come of working age. People cheat, steal, rob and murder for what? You think it's for fun? No, it's for money too.

People like Father Kang (That priest that was convicted of CBT and jailed) and Mr T.T Durai (That discraced NKF Ex-CEO) also wanted to enrich themselves. Are they evil people at heart? No. Greedy? YES.

I have an opportunity here for me to make use of, to take. If i dun try now, then i won't be able to have the funds to do the own things i like and want. My "step-dad" has this opportunity to offer me.

True. I DO feel as if i am being sold now. But there is no free lunch in this world. No matter how i hate their attitudes and the way they talk, i have to swallow it. I have to bear with it. In order to achieve what i want to in life, i need to make certian sacrifices. My pride, my dignity, my self.

And Tempest KNOWS this. That is why he could leverage on this weakness of mine and work his power on me.

For those who KNOWS the exsistence of Tempest, It's all that easier. When you feel that you suddenly have a surge of anger out from nowhere, you just need to take deep breaths and say out the word "Tempest".

Trust me. You will feel differently INSTANTLY.

As a person grows, He/She will face Tempest sooner or later.

Ask yourself. Do you want him to WIN? or would you want him to not have control over you?

The power is really in your hands.

Of course there will be readers here who think i'am talking bull crap. What Tempest demon and all that shit.

You know what? You don't have to believe me. But ask yourself this. If you believe that god exsists (For those readers with their own religions) Or, You believe there are unexplainable things that DOES happen in this world (For those readers without a religion and believes in science and what they can see with their own eyes),

Why can't you believe that Demons or evil things exsist too?

Hey, You dun have to believe me or read my blog you know. No one forced you to read my entries. No one is forcing you to believe what i write either.

Believe it or not, Your call


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