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In a few hours time, i turn officially 26 years of age. Time flies. Before i even realise it, i have been living on this planet for more then two decades. How do i feel about this? Well, more on that later.

The last week has been eventful. And it's more towards my Aikido training then anything else. A few lessons back at my Dojo, i have been trying to train up my juniors for their first grading in this martial art. At the end of the day, i look back and asked myself "Am i a good instructor?" Have i been clear and concise on the techniques and styles? Have i performed those techniques correctly and clearly?

I would like to think i did. In anycase, this was a one off thing anyway. After the grading is over, i will not be "training" the juniors anymore. They would have already gotten their next higher grade and only an official instructor can guide members who are above the grade of white belt.

Saturday was a busy whole day. Went down to the newly opened Bukit Batok Civil Service Club for a bowling game held by my hobby club Startrek. It's actually more of a tie-up between , and Of course, my fan group did not win anything. Almost none of us are bowlers. But it was the interaction that was fun and worth the time and effort.

After the games, we went down to Tiong Bharu to catch the movie "V for Vendetta".


Watch it for the dialouge, watch it for the mystery, watch it for the comedy, watch it for the action, you name it, it's there. The writting and the dialouge is wonderfully done. It made me crank my ear and many seconds JUST to understand the sentences spoken by the main hero guy. The movie is not too dragey, it has interesting plots and suspense to keep the viewer wanting more. There are many twists in the movie itself which will really throw you off your guard too.

In terms of money spent, it's totally worth that 10 bucks.

This movie gets a 5/5 from me.

Sunday was grading day. Went down to HQ by 8:30am to help them with the set up and grading day. I myself was grading for my Brown-Gold belt that day. It went on quite smoothly for me. Albeit very draining. The whole grading took about 2.5 hours JUST for our grade alone. Getting the next higher grade is really not simple. Of course, i really hopped that i could have gotten a double promotion as a birthday present for myself, but hey, everyone is entiltled to dream his/her own dreams right? LOL.

Went to watch "Dorm" after that. And yes, i went ALONE again.

Dorm invoked mixed feelings from me. One, the sadness and feeling of loss and betrayal when you are suddenly torn away from your own family and placed in a boarding school all by yourself. Like as if you were suddenly of no value, suddenly no longer loved. invisible.

Second, the reservations and difficulties in trying to assimilate into a completely new enviroment. New people who may or may not like you enough to be your friend. The pranks and bullying that one has to endure and suffer before he/she has "earned" the right to "belong" and get accepted.

Third, the sense of great fear and isolation when you have no one to turn to with ALL these problems. And so you try to open up to the only other boy in school that seems to give you a damn. Only to find out that this boy isn't even alive.

Dorm had touched me in many ways. One would never have expected by watching the trailers for this movie that instead of being a horror movie, it's actually a very strong movie about friendship, courage and love.

A ghost trapped in a never-ending loop forcing it to relive it's death EVERY DAY for as long as it is walking the earth. The strength of a human being, determind to save his friend from purgatory. The two characters can never be more far apart. But yet, they still bonded as friends. With the living one willing to risk death itself, just because his friend, nevermind that he's dead, is in trouble.

Do YOU have such a friend?

Dorm gets 5/5 from me too.

These two movies. Go watch it.

TRUST ME. You WON'T regret it.

After i watched Dorm, i realised something. I have lost touch with myself. I do not know who my friends are. Really. How many numbers can i call from my handphone?

I do not need a big and fancy party to celebrate my b'day with. Just someone special in my life. Make my B'day meaningful and worth remembering. Alas, people i love or care about don't even give two hoots to me.

My birthday is just hours away. Who can i share my happy moment with? it is traditional to make a birthday wish on a person's birthday.

I really dun wish for much. I just want my special day to be with someone i love. Just for a simple meal, a little movie, and a heart to heart chat.

TOO much to ask for?

Sometimes, the simplest wishes are the ones most impposible to come true.


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