Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday 28th APR 06 09:30am


There are times when things happens to a person that effects him or her to a great extend. More so when it is totally beyond the person's power yet is just as simply avoidable. Lately my brother was booked for driving without a valid Driver's Licence. The consequences of which are great.

What is worse is that he was already slated to take his Traffic Police Test for his Licence four days AFTER he was booked for that offence. He passed his Driving test with 6 demerit points. However, this accomplishment will not last as his Licence will be revoked anyway once his case is concluded.

Worse, he has implicated his father too as he was driving a car registered under his father's name illegally. The penalty for such an offence is high.

First, the Illegal driver, on conviction will be fined at LEAST amounts in the thousand region. And there is a standard revocation of his Licence, irregardless of whether the Licence in question was obtained BEFORE or AFTER the offence committed of at LEAST 24 months and above. This means that he/she will not be able to apply to sit for ANY form of driving test for at least 2 years, and even after the ban is lifted, he/she will have to go through the WHOLE process of retaking the Basic, Final and Practical test from the beginning. As if this alone is not enough, he committed another offence by not displaying a valid Off-Peak Coupon when he was operating the Off-Peak car he was in.

Off-Peak cars are essentially cars that have a time restriction on when they can be out on the roads. Basically, the restriction is from 7pm till 7am the next day for weekdays, 12noon onwards from Saturday and whole day on Sundays and Public Holidays. Off peak cars are identified by a red licence plate. So essentially, my brother faces the following charges:

1) Driving without a valid Licence.
2) Driving without a valid Insurance coverage. (Since he is an unlicensed driver)
3) Driving an off-peak Vehicle without a valid coupon.
All of which carries at LEAST a fine and revocation of licence or, in serious cases, jail terms.

This is not the end of it. Because he was driving a car registered under his father's name, His father was also implicated in the case. His father now faces the following charges, no thanks to the irresponsible act committed by his son.

1) Allowing an unlicensed driver to operate his car.
2) Failure to display valid off-peak coupon on his car. (This charge applies to the father because the onus is on the registered owner to ensure that the proper fees and such related coupons necessary for the operation of the car in question is paid for duly)

The above charges carries at LEAST a fine and revocation of Licence for at LEAST 24 months and above.
To add to this, my brother's dad is retired and now works as a taxi driver to support the family. His dad also has classes of Licence from Class 2 to 5. If his dad's licence were to be revoked, he will lose ALL his classes of licence. Essentially meaning that he will lose his job and will no longer be able to provide for the family.

You can see now how serious my brother's actions are and the implications to the family involved. He is naturally worried sick at this moment of what might happen to him next.
The part that has effected me the most is the fact that i have already warned him repeatedly and even emphasised the seriousness of his actions to him time and again. He was already so close to obtaining his licence to drive legally. He was booked on the 19th of April and his actual test was on the 24th of April. It's SUCH a waste if he were to have his licence revoked in this manner.

He went and broke the law ANYWAY.

I felt really helpless and a failure. No doubt, my brother made the decision to break the law himself, but one can't help but feel that he/she is responsible somehow. I mean, could i have done something more? could i have been more careful in warning him? look out for him more? All these questions weighing on my mind. I find myself deeply stressed.

In a nutshell, do not do anything against the law. You will not only be in trouble yourself, you will also implicate your own family members and bring much stress and anxiety to your family.
Now my brother can only wait, and see if there is anyway he can get the relevant authorities to perhaps help to reduce the charges that may be brought against him. On a side note, his Driver's Licence is officially still valid as reflected on the Police Website. Until such time when his sentence is passed down, He can still legally drive on the roads.

In my personal life, i have also been noticing that my brother, sister and most of my friends are attached happily with either their girlfriends or boyfriends. And then i get hit by this sense of extreme loneliness. It's not that i have no friends to be with. But it's just Different when it comes to having a real relationship dosen't it?

I long for a day where i can hold my partner, hug, share my feelings with. To tell this person "i love you". I do have feelings for a few of my Juniors. But you see, such feelings can only be one sided. They will NEVER be able to love me back. And i am so freaking tired to look for it, to wait and all. It's just taxing for me. I have since stopped contacting the people i have feelings for. As they say, out of mind, out of sight. It is my hope that they will forget about me in due course of time.
Perhaps i'am really a nomad when it comes to love. I can be living in a big house, have the luxuries in life. But i suppose, there IS a trade off for everything in life.

I'am 26. for all the things i have till now

I've NEVER had love.

And that was all i ever wanted.


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