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Are teenagers nowadays blogged with so many things and so caught up with competitions that they will ultimately implode due to the sheer pressure they get from family, friends and even themselves? This is a question that really bugged me today when i read the report on the sucide of the JC boy. This report can be found in the Straits Times "Home". It's the front page news, so you can't miss it.

In this article, the boy in question was doing very well in school and with his CCA. He has got such a good future ahead of him. In spite of that, he chose to jump to his death. He is at the most 17 or 18. But what really kicked me off my chair was the REASON why he commited sucide. Was it because of his school work? NO. Family? NO. Friends? NO. Love life? NO. Then what could possibly posses him to end his life in such an undignified manner?

He believed his PENIS was too small. Like. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF REASON IS THAT???!!!!!

The good grades, the family, the bright future, His friends, his girlfriend, his CCA, his LIFE. all fails in comparision with his DICK. True, as a guy myself, my manhood is no doubt of great importance to me. But to kill myself because i "THINK" my manhood is too small? Even if this is true, surely there MUST be some way to rectify this problem. He is an educated boy with goods results. That proves he is a bright child. Surely he should have the most basic of logical thinking left in that brain of his? Be that as it may, i feel very sorry for this boy's family and friends. They must be shattered that such a thing could happen to their child/friend. Who could have forseen it coming? But this is just a tip of the ice berg my friends.

There are many more teens out there that are sucidal with the most mediocre of problems. "my friends thinks i look like a pig", "I'am stupid", "I'am ugly", "I'am gay", "I did something wrong today, i masturbated" (Hey, someone jumped thinking his dick was too small..... go figure if you think my last reason is stupid)

Is this the aftereffect of the world now? Competitions abound, always to be the top, best school, best results, best house, best job, highest pay, highest rank, First Class Honours, Masters, Phd etc etc. And then the kids are brought up in this enviroment thinking, beliveing even, that the only way he/she could be a good/worthy/successful person is to be at the top. And then it finally breaks when even looks and body parts are taken into comparision.

Really, in life, one has to think about accepting and taking care of one's self first. Be a good and productive person to yourself and those around you. Be humble. whereever you go and whatever you do, there will ALWAYS be someone better then you. When will be learn how to take care of ourselves when all we think about is how to be better then everyone else?

Is life about living, or about fighting with everyone else?


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