Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday 15th MAY 06 09:45am


It's hard to be the eldest in the family. Everything becomes YOUR responsibility. The windows not closed, the plants not watered, the lights not switched off. Worse, when it comes to siblings, it becomes YOUR problem too. My sister's boyfriend has this habit of wanting to sleep in my sister's room with her. With the room doors LOCKED. This of course makes the two honchos at home very uncomfortable. I mean, any normal person will feel this way. You put a boyfriend and girlfriend together in a same locked room, what WILL happen? or rather, what can POSSIBLY happen? But guess what? it became MY problem.

I have told my sister's boyfriend MANY times NOT to sleep in my sister's room. The house is so bloody big. Does he HAVE to sleep in my sister's room? His excuses are always "Oh, Kor's room is locked".

WHAT THE HELL. There are many rooms in the house. Pick ANY room and you can sleep in there. If my room is locked. KNOCK! If i still do not respond, GO TO ANY OTHER FREAKING ROOM in the house for the love of god!

Now, i'am a very paitient person by nature. I believe in telling people nicely and explaining to them the reason behind the actions that i do or have to do. I believe that if you treat people with respect, they should jolly well respect you back.

My sister's boyfriend decided to climb over my head and PEE on me. After repeatedly telling him to sleep in my room on Saturday nite before i went clubbing, He said yes yes yes all the way. And when i came back, what happens? He was in my sister's room. AGAIN. With the room door locked, AGAIN.

The very next morning, i got a big nagging from my mother asking me questions that should not be directed at me in the first place. "Why is Glen in your sister's room?" "What time they slept"?, "Why didn't you ensure Glen went to your room?" Etc Etc. Hey, my sister and her boyfriend are the ones having the relationship. NOT ME.
Why am I the one getting bombarded with questions?!

Needless to say, i was totally PISSED.

I gave Glen a big verbal trashing. I warned him if he EVER, EVER takes my words as nothing again, he will NOT be welcomed into the house anymore.

I am trying to protect their relationship. By always sleeping together in a locked room, how will that help them to convince the two honchos at home that they are mature to have a relationship together? Why invite problems? Knowing how my mother can be? and how the old man can be?Why can't they just be smart and listen to me for once? One is my own sister, and the other,
someone i treat as my brother. Would i EVER harm my own family?

Think about it Glen. What is the point of writting "sorry" on stick it pads and pasting it ALL OVER my room? You have ALREADY done the deed. Why only regret after you have made the damage? You are a young MAN, Glen. ACT LIKE ONE. If you really are sincere in apologising,
TELL ME IN THE FACE personally. I am looking for sincerity. Not Convenience.

On a personal front, my trip to the pub on SAT nite was worth it.

I saw the cute boy there!!!

OH MY GOD. My heart really skipped a beat when i saw him. Sheesh.

Unfortunately he didn't know who i was and was not even interested to smile at me or make conversation.

Oh well...... Dreams are always good to have.


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