Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday 22nd MAY 06 10:10am


Went to watch The DaVinci Code during the week end with my sis and her boyfriend. Essentially, this movie is a "What If" movie. It urges the audience to think of the possiblities of what might be, what could be.

What if : Jesus is just a mortal man? The "Holy Grail" is not a magical artifact but instead, a woman? That Christanity is actually created through Paganisim? That the Bible is nothing but a glorified story book?

The implications of such revelations, if TRUE? Total Chaos in the world.
Churches all around the world will be forced to change their beliefs. Their credibility will be totally striped. Christians all over will be lost because of the fact that their faith was nothing but a fairy tale spun by humans ourselves.

We will have WAR.

Leftists fighting for their beliefs, whether proven fake or otherwise. And Rightists fighting for what is evident and true.


Of course, back to reality, this is nothing but a movie adapted from a best selling novel. To believe in it would be akin to beliving that one can get to a school for withches and wizards by running towards a pillar at some train station.

But it DOES make you think. What if "GOD" as it were is nothing but an imagination? Well, it's too sensitive to be debated. Watch the movie with a pinch of salt.

Rating: 3/5

In my personal life, i have given up on love. I went clubbing again on SAT and saw the cute boy there once again. But he was with a 30+ old man who looks totally disgusting but at the same
time, is supposedly filthy rich. Oh well.


So now i'll just be my old lonely nomad self. Until such time where the heavens above decides to drop a boy on my lap...... Like that would ever happen during my life time, even 5 times over.
I'am POOR. I'am UGLY, i'am UNEDUCATED, and most of all, i only drive a bloody Berlingo VAN.
LOL. Who wants me?


Didn't think so.

P.S (this actually means "PostScript", if anyone of you are still clueless), My blog just reached the 2000th page views!!!!!!


My stories ARE interesting after all.

SO TAG LAR..... All you cheapskate, Lazy, GOOD FOR NOTHING readers.

Haiz. See.... this is why my blog no one ever tags.

I like to offend people too much



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