Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saturday 6th MAY 06 12:40am


The fight is over. The outcome, set in stone.

Today i drove down to Pasir Ris to cast my vote as required by law. After that, drove back home to park my car and went down to Tampines by bus. Watched the movie Mission Impossible 3 then headed back to Jln Kayu to meet up with Julius for dinner.

Mission Impossible 3 is so-so to me. Lots of action and twists that will suprise you. Go watch it if you have time. Or just wait for it to come on to your TV. These movies often will.

There is a reason why i chose not to drive to Tampines mall after my voting. Parking is a big problem when it's a public holiday. Driving is easy. But what you need to do after you reach your destination is a big problem.

I got back home in time to watch the voting results. I feel sad for the opposition actually. Am i pro Opposition and Anti Government? The answer is no.

Say what you will, but there is really no question that most singaporeans have unhappiness in some areas one way or another. The honest truth is that what the opposition says are true to a certain extend. But we are also a very practical lot of people. True, prices have gone up, there are bills for anything and everything. Fines for the simplest things, even saying a wrong word at the wrong time will cause someone to be sued and jailed. People ARE struggling.

We never seem to earn enough to save and pay at the same time.

Having said that, why is it then that the government that we have are able to stay in power for so long? and today, have managed to stay back in power yet again? The reason is really very simple.


What would happen if our current government were to lose power? There will definately be changes. Our cost of living MAY go down. Bills MAY be reduced, heck, even the gap between the rich and the poor MAY be closed up significantly. Thats all well and good. BUT then what do we do AFTER that? When all of use can afford cars, live in bungalows, have lots of money in the bank, never worry about fare increases and conservancy bills? Do we have the drive to stay competative?

I enjoy my country as it is. It's safe. It's relatively clean. I can walk out on the streets knowing that i won't be shot dead by some gun touting ganster, That i won't be hit by some cars that practically covers the whole of our roads, That i won't be robbed in broad daylight. In all, i feel SAFE.

There is a very clear danger that if our current government loses power, the loss of balance in the governence will bring us backwards, and NOT forwards. Other bigger "brothers" around us can or will take this opportunity to attack us when we are at our most trying time when the new government tries to take control.

There will be Chaos.

In the end, who suffers?

Granted, even though there are very strong indications that our country is run by a "single power", as long as me, as a citizen can feel safe and even my family, I'd say this is the better of two evils.

Ask yourself one thing my friends. Are we READY for our government to lose power to the opposition? Or are we better off, living under their power but as a trade off, have a safe place to eat, live and play in?

To the opposition, Yes, i KNOW you have our interests at heart and that you are fighting the good fight. But the fact remains, our leaders have made our country the way it is. We are strong now. As a country, we must not only work FOR the people, we have to work for our country and it's future and safety. It's just not enough to say that you are fighting for the people. Because once you have done your part in satisfying the people's needs, how do you work on the country's needs? The current and new government has done that for us. While you have not stated anything about our country and what you can do for IT.

That's really what the people want to hear.

At least, i DO


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