Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday 23rd June 06 4:50pm


I recently discovered that someone has been spying on my blog and using what i have posted as justification to flame my junior BoonYong. I find it both suprising and amusing. Until yesterday, i had NO idea that the person still had interest in my blog or my life at all. Indeed, when i found out about it, i felt a sense of pity for the person who did those acts.

This person apparently not only flamed me and my blog, he flamed practically everyone he knows as well. BoonYong was just another victim. This person is non other then Lee Chuan. For those not in the know, Lee Chuan is another one of my juniors who i got to know just briefly. Unfortunately due to a very big mis-understanding, our friendship was short lived. And i thought, well, that's that. Since we aren't friends anymore, why should i bother about what you do to yourself anymore?

But NO.

He took it upon himself to keep tabs on my blog and taking chances to flame my content. Why? One can only wonder. BoonYong told me his blog address and i went in to take a look for the first time ever. I was in for a very big suprise. In his blog, he had many, emphasis on the word "many" pictures of himself, sometimes in very provocative and sexy kinds of poses. That in itself is fine. It IS his blog in the first place isn't it? But he does not end there. He even went to the extent of ripping pictures of ME from friendster to add to HIS blog. Now, how sick is that?
His blog entries comes across as being very arrogant and at times, even offending. This is evident in the fact that many people, me exculded, has been flooding his tagboard with many malicious words and curses.

It's just plain sad. These are all his friends in school. What possible good is there to offend your own class/school mates like this? Personally, i am ok if he makes fun of me or even flames me till the cows comes home for dinner. What i CANNOT accept is the fact that he used ME as a conduit to flame OTHER people. Especially my juniors whom i care alot about. BoonYong recently bought a PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, under the recommendation of JT. And what does Lee Chuan's Fantastic brain think of when he saw that he got the item? "Oh, BoonYong must have sold his butt to James to get that game console". Naturally BoonYong was totally offended.

I mean, even for me when i heard it, i was like "WHAT THE HELL...."

I can be many things. But of all these, i am, and i say this with total CONVICTION, NOT and NEVER will be a person who use SEX as a bartering tool for material favours. BoonYong can also be MANY things. But he most definately am NOT a cheap person. If he wants something, he will save, beg, steal, rob or cheat but he will NEVER sell his body EVER.

Lee Chuan claims to be RICH. As he has declared himself in his blog "My family is FUC*ING RICH CAN?" Well then, if so, why does he even bother to concern himself over what other people have when he could have bought the very item himself? Does it make logical sense? Strictly speaking, if he wants to compare wealth, i will win him hands down. What's his Billabong wallet and stuff to me? But really, it's all about the attitude isn't it? Lee Chuan, a word of advice, money will run out. Good times will end sooner or later. When you are up there all high and mighty and you treat those people around you like shit, when you fall, it is these very people who will turn around and spit at your pimple ridden face.

Actually, after all is said and done, Lee Chuan this poor boy is just lonely and craves attention. It dosen't help that he looks like a transvestite half the time. Don't take it from me. Just go to his blog and see his pictures for yourself. He has ALOT of time to take pot shots of himself in various poses. Kudos to him for that. This just further goes to prove how lonely he is. But to be fair, he DOES have friends. And he should consider himself blessed really. I sincerely hope he does not screw that friendship up too. I have noticed that the people around Lee Chuan has been very tolerative of him. Up till now. Perhaps he's just trying to see how far he can push his friends before they really crack and collectively drown him with their spit.

After reading Lee Chuan's blog entries, to be fair, he DOES have his points. Like a fake bag will always BE a fake bag. But really it's the way and the attitude you have that really pisses people off.

And since you were so kind as to put my blog up for your viewers to come and read, i think it is fair for me to return the favour.

By the way, all those things you say about people being stupid and without a life to come comment about your blog?

Why are you yourself coming to my blog, spamming my tagboard with an unknown alias, Copying and Pasteing my comments on YOUR blog, Ripping MY photos from my friendster account to add to yours?

You REALLY so despo for attention meh? If so, just get a pet or something... i'am sure you have a "big" house all by yourself most the time. If you are so bored, then be creative. Play with yourself. Every part of it.

To my readers, i hearby present to you, the next big star after the blogger XiaXue, Lee Chuan's blog.

and after this entry goes live, people, brace yourself for a blog war unlike none you have ever seen before.

Get your tickets and bring out the popcorn.


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