Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday 12th June 06 10:30am


Words cannot really describe how i am feeling right now. Dejection, Fustration, Dissapointment. Once again, Boon Yong has played me out during the week end when i invited him and his gang to come over to my place to watch the World Cup Match. I find that, despite my best effort, i simply CANNOT trust him anymore. He actually CONFIRMED with me his attendence together with a few others to my place. Yet, just barely an hour before the time when we were suppsoed to meet, he gave me an SMS saying that the whole gang didn't feel like coming over after all. And when i asked if he is coming himself, He DID, after all confirmed he was coming. But guess what? he told me he was at Chua Chu Kang. When we were supposed to meet at Bedok in barely an hours' time. Anyone with half a brain can tell that he was just plainly NOT interested in coming over to my place. CCK and Bedok, can he even reach here on time? I have really given up hope on him.

At the end of the day, It's the heart that is in question. If a person has the heart to come over when he/she has been invited, even if he/she is alone, he/she will still make it to the person's place. No question about it. My 2nd brother Qing`An was just the person. He came over to keep me company just because i ASKED. Just like that. Someone i can really count on.

Well, there will not be a next time with Boon Yong and gang. I have really been dissapointed by him too many times already. He even has the cheek to place bets with me for the World Cup. He lost during the Holland match. He owes me $50. This money is as good as nothing. I bet you any penny he will not pay me back this money. But i have already grown too immune to his constant lack of intergrity. If he wins money from me, he is very fast to ask things from me. But we shall see if the reverse is true too. Based on tested and proven past events, i am not hopeful at all.
I read on the papers last week that there is this junior doctor who fell prey to CNB officers' sting operation. Effectively destroying his medical career and exposing him to the world as a homosexual person. I can't help but feel totally sorry for this young man. He looks cute too. (But really, that's so not the point here). He has a good career ahead of him. Ok, so he's gay. So what? As long as he can do his job professionally, who cares if he is straight, homo, bi or simply invalid?

Unfortunately, real life only knows how to look at flaws instead of the overall picture. Can the police actually entrap a person and then pounce on him/her with a charge of crime? Apparently so. The doctor has been jailed for 8 months. A criminal record. His face is shown to the world. His life is destroyed.

I have tried to look at Boon Yong's good points. I could not find any. Chances after chances i have given him. Time after time he dissapointed me. After this, i really don't think i can trust any kid anymore. It's just not worth the effort and the pain.

I will be opening my place for my friends to watch the World Cup matches during the week ends. Anyone interested please drop me an SMS or tag on my tag board. I am also planning to have a once a month gathering at my place for "issues sharing". One hour of meditiation, followed by another hour of problem sharing. I will provide details shortly. I am also writting my book on the "moderators". Special thanks to Jon and Isaac who have continued to support my writting by putting the "moderators" nick on their MSN. Based on that, i WILL continue to write my book anyway. Anyone else interested to support my endevour? You only need to cut and paste my MSN nick (Moderators) as you see currently and use it as your own header for your nick. I will do the rest.

Blessed Be

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