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A promise. How important is it to you? How many times have you actually given a promise and kept it? Many times we break our promises to another because it's just so easy. Make it another day, postpone, no time, something came up. But really we ask ourselves. Have we really tried to keep that promise? When someone breaks his or her promise to another, the person effected not only wasted his/her time, He/she also feels greatly dissapointed. At least, i do. Will i ever be able to trust any of those kids/teenagers in my life again? No. i don't think so. There is really no point writing down what actually transpired for me to pen this entry now. Suffice it to say, i have really had enough.

During the weekend, i managed to find the KTV pub that this cute boy i have been eyeing works at. It's just a small place around the Maxwell market area. the ambience there is suprisingly good and friendly. It's basically a gay KTV place. After walking around aimlessly for about an hour or so, i finally found the place. The drinks are cheap and the songs are free. I managed to speak to the boy i fancied, just to be friends. He of course said "ok" out of politeness. Did not really talk to me the rest of the night but slowly warmed up to me as the night wore on and we actually managed to sing 2 songs together at the end of the day. I don't know about you, but that's already good enough for me. I think i will go back there again next week. Who wanna come with me?

You might also notice that my entries are getting longer to be updated. I apologise. Eversince i got back at work, there are many things that required my attention and even after that is over and done with, there is still my 2 times a week Aikido practice. Hardly have time to think about how to write my blog. I will at least try to update my blog once a week.
The Current World Cup event has made many people rich and poor has it not? I have also been playing small bets with a few of my juniors. win some, then lose back, in the end, ended up not winning or losing. But seriously, this season of games are so BORING. I actually slept through most of the matches. Haiz.

Anyway, good or bad, whoever wins the cup at the end, i suppose it's really non of my business. The only reason why people are concerned is becasue money is involved.
And we wonder why people can risk their day jobs JUST for the world cup.


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