Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday 27th June 06 10:45am


Recent events have made me disillusioned with my surroundings. Apparently people have the tendency of mis-reading even the most minor of words and turn it into something it is not. Perhaps it's just a fun thing to do. To make fun of and derive their own entertainment at the expense of others. In my previous entry, i mentioned one of my juniors, which i will not name as he has made it very clear to me he has been effected in the most negative way possible by my post. Why is it that people like to make a big issue and assume the truth when they are in no way involved in the first place? I want to make things very clear once and for all.

For all you troublemakers out there. You know who you are. There is NOTHING going on between me and my Junior. On the contary, he has been very hostile to me ever since you people have been making snide remarks to him and giving him those very uncomfortable looks. What ever he has now in his possession, he got by his own means. I am in NO way involved. We used to be good friends, that is all. And that's ALL there is to it. Just FRIENDS. True, i HAVE supported him from time to time, but ONLY because i love him as my little brother. I have NEVER asked for ANYTHING from him in return and he has NEVER offered to do the same.

Now, thanks to YOU people who like to blow up everything into epic proportions, my friendship with him is now strained, to the point that it may even end for good. You guys should be happy. You have managed to destroy a friendship that i cherish alot. I believe what goes around comes around. Heres hoping the same thing does not happen to you guys. If it does, then you guys deserve it.

Yes, i'am the one who is gay. I admit that. He is NOT. And he NEVER will be. At least i don't hide behind a screen and secretly plot and scheme to attack any of my juniors, no matter WHO he/she is. It is really up to you people to accept me for what i am. if not, do yourself and me a favour. LEAVE ME ALONE.

So really. STOP all these nonsense. If you guys REALLY need to have ANY drama in your lame lives, then attack me and me alone. Leave other people in my life out of it.


Of course, asking, begging you guys even will not make any difference if i myself don't make steps to stop all these nonsense from happening again. In this regard, i have decided that this will be the LAST entry on this blog address. I will forthwith be changing my blog address to another and will only reveal it to selected people in my life. I'am sorry. As much as i want to share my life and stories to those who REALLY wants to know, i have to protect myself and hopefully in that process protect those i love and care about further embaressment.

For those who are sincere in reading and knowing me better through my entries, please contact me directly so i can furnish you with my new blog address.

Thank You, all, for your readership all this time.


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