Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday 7th June 06 09:25am


Well, the "dreaded" date 06/06/06 has come and gone. And guess what? We humans are still here alive and kicking. No end of the world, no huge battles between angels and demons, no one dying due to some sudden onset of a big quake or hailstorm.

Just a plain old wednesday morning where all of us ordinary mortals have to get up and live the next 24 hours of our lives. So really, what is this big ho-ha over a date? Isn't it just another day?

But then again, every coin has two sides. For all we know, the world was saved by, perhaps even yet again by some unknown heros whom have battled with the evil ones. We have all seen movies of knights and "chosen ones" who has to stop certain evil creatures from taking over the world and what not. Who knows. Maybe the Charmed Ones are real after all.

But all in all, we have to be thankful for our lives to be just normal and mundane. I mean, can we handle a big crisis now? running away from fireballs, getting our asses kicked by some demon from god knows where? losing our loved ones because some demon happen to just like how your sister, brother or relative taste and just ate them infront of you? I don't think so.

But dun think too much about what i wrote above. It's just the imaginative me thinking out loud.

My life now is mundane as well to be honest. I have since given up on friendship. Much less relationship. There comes a time in ones life where you just feel that friendship and all that crap is pure nonsense. Sure, it's good to have friends to hang out with, laugh and basically have fun with. But when it matters the most, are those friends there? will they be by your side to support you emotionally? More often than not the answer is a resounding NO. They have problems of their own they will tell you. Or suddenly they will just be too busy to pick up your calls or forget to reply that sms.

During the weekend i went down to TJC and watched a band concert by my juniors. Boon Yong and gang was there. And guess what? I was practically INVISIBLE to them. You know, i really think it's amazing as to how people can treat you very well, call you and lick your boots to high heaven when they need your help, and when they get it, you suddenly become a has-been to them. They saw me at the concert and pretended not to see me. Only after they realised that i was looking at them point blank and they have no other way to look, did they offer me a very reluctant "hi".

What the hell.

Is this the thanks i get? apparently so.

Now, i immerse myself with my work. No more mr good guy for me. It's work and Aikido for me.

That's it.

The "devils" date may have come and gone, but they want a devil? i'll GIVE them one.

Yes, i'am angry and pissed. After doing so much emotionally AND financially for people, i HAVE the right to be. Money and status matters alot right? I have those now. i'll SHOW you people what a total evil creature i can be. Who cares what you say? i have the money and the status. I live in a big bungalow. what do you guys have? a miserable 5 room HDB flat? HAH.


Not happy?

Then Go away and leave me be.

That's what you ingrates always do best anyway isn't it?


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